Nike Gives Black Women Their Flowers In New Video

Nike posted a new video to their social media platforms on Sunday morning highlighting Black women in every field from sports to politics to everyday life.The video addresses the popular hashtag #BlackGirlMagic and how the fact that it’s considered to be out of the ordinary couldn’t be further from the truth in many cases for us. 

Whether you grew up watching Serena Williams dominate tennis for two decades or you yourself are getting started in your career, being successful is a very real and attainable thing for Black women. The caption to accompany the video encapsulates this message perfectly.

“Black women are rarely recognized for the hard work they put in. It’s not just magic, they are the real thing. Join us in celebrating their hard work and help level the playing field. #WePlayReal,” Nike wrote.

Actress and playwright Dominique Fishback provided a powerful narration which was the cherry on top of an already well put together video. This message is especially important right now as it’s International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. So Nike using their influence within social media and the consumer market to reinforce this message is great to see. 

And in recent years the company has taken steps to include more Black female models in their campaigns and in the design process of their products as we saw with Asia Irving designing the Kyrie 6’s last year.

Hopefully this will influence other companies of that same caliber to do the same, not just in the public sphere, but also valuing the Black women in their own boardrooms and offices. And seeing that many Black women are the backbone of their families, workplaces, and local communities, it’s important that we give them their flowers each day that we can.

Click the link below to watch the video (you might need to watch it several times because it’s just that amazing): 

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