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Laurie Hernandez on the Vol 3 cover

Editor Dion Ringgold (U.S.)


Categories Lifestyle, Culture, Fashion, magazines
Frequency Monthly

36,000 (United States) [1]


Publisher Different by Choice corp. (U.S.)
First issue 16 October 2016; 5 years
Language Distributed in 24 languages
Website www.inclubmagazine.com(U.S.)
ISSN 2767-4045

InClub Magazine is a monthly print and digital magazine first published in Philadelphia PA, in 2016. InClub, since its inception has been a magazine for millennials by millennials, focused on purpose driven living, proper representation of Black and brown people, and the millennial generation.

Media for the multi-faceted, multi-layered Millennials leading the way in subverting the culture with attitude, and purpose. InClub magazine accepts the task of shaping the narrative, cultivating ideas, telling our stories and being the voice of this generation of the influential, inspired and involved, planet-shakers that do not fit in any one box.

Through intelligently witty and entertaining content, media, podcast discussions and interviews with the celebrities, influencers, tastemakers and trailblazers that are contributing to and defining modern culture.

InClub magazine boldly covers the intersections of purpose and pop-culture, under-representation and fashion topics.


InClub Magazine was founded by Dion Ringgold, under the parent company of Different by choice llc. It started off as a quarterly magazine in 2016, with Vanessa J. Simmons gracing the cover.

Funded by / Ownership

In 2012, Dion Ringgold founded and funded 100% of Different by choice LLC. Under which he created the publication InClub Magazine. In 2015 the first website for the company was launched under dbc-mediagroup.com. In 2016 The first issue of InClub Magazine was published, both print and digitally. In 2016 the website was changed to inclubmagazine.com. In 2020 Different by choice LLC converted to Different by Choice Corporation.  The Different by choice business model consists of a paid contributor network making money per article based on traffic benchmarks.Different by choice corporation also generates revenue through subscriptions and advertising.

The magazine went on brief hiatus in summer of 2019 to relaunch as a monthly magazine in summer of 2020.


Currently, InClub Magazine is digitally available in more than 35 countries on five continents. [9]

United States

InClub Magazine is printed in Philadelphia, PA


The website is updated daily and is a counterpart to the magazine. It includes daily features, news, commentary, reviews and features.

InClub podcast

InClub magazine launching a podcast on iTunes, Spotify and Sticther in the summer of 2022.

The Super Late Show

InClub magazine launches its movie and geek culture show and podcast The Super Late Show on iTunes, Spotify and Sticther in the summer of 2020




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