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8 Types of Women Men Should Avoid Dating Seriously


For starters, it was difficult for me to put this piece together. Not because of the title itself, but because of my innate instinct to not only protect women, but to empower them into believing that we can have anything we want. Especially when it comes to men. Although my bias when it comes to […]

5 Things Men Look For


Imagine yourself walking down the street. You’re enjoying a casual stroll through a fairly busy city block. The sun is shining beautifully as the leaves of most trees show their stunning autumn colors as Fall encroaches. Despite the change in season, the temperature is extremely comfortable and you happen to have on one your favorite […]

How To Just Be… Friends


Can men and women be only plutonic friends? That is a common question asked amongst the opposite sex. I am a firm believer that they can and it’s totally possible.  From my experience, I have been told by several male friends that I am their first woman friend. One may ask how does this transpire?  […]

The 6 Best TV Girlfriends Of All Time: Relationship Goals


In light of the fact that on Instagram many folks post a happily looking couple as their “relationship goal” got me thinking about the couples I grew up thinking would be pretty sweet to have a relationship like theirs. I grew up with my 5 cousins and my uncle. But for most of my life, […]