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Would you like to reach the millennial demographic? InClub magazine is available in print and digital in all app stores and we are one of the very few magazines with a real mobile friendly version of the actual magazine.We are based in Philadelphia, with heavy traffic from the entire Tri-state area as well as New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Houston, Austin, Chicago, Cleveland, Charlotte, Miami and Kansas City. With so much of the same old same old negative, click bait driven media jocking for the attention of millennial we have become the alternative in content on life, culture and everything cool and or concerning to our generation; that reflects the best of who we are and who we aspire to be. We are millennial that reach millennial. If you are interested in us introducing your brand, program, service, product or other to our readers, followers, and subscribers by advertising in our magazine shoot us an email to request a media kit.A magazine with tons of star power but highlights character over celebrity and is socially conscious. Ask about our money back guarantee’s for newer businesses.If it does not meet our requirements or we do believe it is in the best interest of our audience the Ad will not be accepted. Below are a number of categories in which will not be acceptable for us to advertise, those do not exclude others that also potentially will not be accepted:

  • Smoking
  • Apparel that May be Offensive
  • Sexually Explicit
  • Music with Explicit Language
  • Events or Establishments that Promote Any of the Above
  • Any Company that is Directly Contrary to Our Core Beliefs, Interests and Goals

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Get in touch with InClub Magazine if you’d like to place ads on our website. You may also email [email protected].