“Adidas x Praying collaboration gone wrong”

As you know Tuesday August 9th Adidas x Praying did a collaboration. We love a good collaboration, but I’m not too sure about this one. TikTok influencer Addison Rae as the face of the Collab. If you’re unfamiliar with this collaboration, let’s talk about why the internet has been blazing.

“Don’t Use the Lord’s name in vain”

Before we get started, let me give you the 411 on my experience growing up in a religious household. First off, church on Sunday and Bible study on Monday/ Wednesday. My entire family went to the same church, so Sundays were fun for me. I’m sure majority of you all can relate, whether this came from your parents or grandparents. “Don’t forget to say your prayers,” “get ready it’s time for church”,” don’t use the Lrds name in vain”, “grab your bible” and the list goes on. The good fashion/the not so good fashion, love, family, and food. It became a sacred tradition.

The importance of this article is simply this: You do not play with God. PERIOD! We sometimes loose site in our brands, social media and other things; tending to forget the importance of religion and respect.

Sex & Christ

So, now back to the topic at hand. Praying & Adidas did a collaboration, and the internet went crazy – but not in a good way. Tik Tok influencer, Addison Rae, who was the face of this collab (guilty by Association), was dragged for wearing the product and posting it on social media. She wore an all-white thin bikini with the words father on one cup side and Son on the other. Thats not it – “Holy Spirit” was printed on the front of the bottoms. When are we going to put fashion back in fashion and sex back with sex? Just because we see it on an influencer does not mean its fashion forward. I’m ready to see the evolving fashion world again. This one didn’t do anything for us. Symbolizing sex with Christ is taking it too far.

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However, this isn’t a first for Praying. This brand definitely shows “they’re no saints”! I did a little more research and mocking Christ is something they stand by. So, essentially Praying is used to this life. However, not all decisions, choices, collabs are created equal. This collab was a bad decision on all parts. How could no parties understand the ignorance of this collaboration. I blame them all. But again, why would they care? We live in a world where Christianity is mocked every day. God seems to be the easiest scapegoat there is. And these 3 parties involved seem to be aware of that fact.

Do better!

Adidas being around the fashion block a few times, you would expect them to understand the sort of backlash this would bring, but that didn’t stop them. Praying seems to focus on tasteless Christian pieces, so this was just another piece in their collection. However, I want to give Addison a pass…this time. After all, she is young and getting to a bag. (She removed the post from her instagram). Next time, however, think to yourself, “is this the right decision for my brand”? Money is nice, but the root of all evil.

As a fashion stylist, this isn’t something I consider must have. I would not style myself nor my clients in this piece. I would recommend going classier when it comes to a good bikini. No matter the age range, class goes a long way. So, it’s a hard no. I’ll pass. Clean it up guys!


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