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Clubhouse Announces “Creator Grant Program” and More Amidst Rapid Growth


Clubhouse announced some very big plans for further growing the popular voice chat app on Sunday evening. The Clubhouse team wrote a thorough blog post acknowledging the rapid growth that the app has received over the past several months. As a result, they plan on improving in key areas which will have a ripple effect […]

What We Can Learn From Elon Musk’s Success

Elon Musk story featured photo

Elon Musk’s year is off to a great start as he’s been announced the richest person in the world. Forbes reports that his net worth now totals $182.9 billion. And this shouldn’t come as a surprise since he’s involved in many companies from Tesla to SpaceX to the Boring Company.His unique approach to product design and innovation […]

Advice For Vetting ‘Social Media Experts’

Vetting Social Media Experts Story Image

It feels like we’re in the age of misinformation. Almost everything on social media is believed to be 100 percent true. And a lot of times people or accounts who post information aren’t experts in that particular field. I’ve always believed in the mantra of “read and research before you react.”  So here are three questions […]

What To Expect On Inauguration Day 2021

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Photo

We’re exactly one week away from Inauguration Day and there are many uncertainties surrounding the ceremonious occasion. From Covid-19 to security detail, here are some measures that’ll be put in place to ensure a peaceful transfer of power on January 20th. Covid-19 Protocols The National Mall in D.C. would normally be filled with thousands of […]

Trump Supporters Taunt Their White Privilege By Storming The U.S. Capitol Building

Trump Supporters Storming The Capitol Building

A mob of Trump supporters broke into the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. this afternoon. Both chambers of Congress were set to confirm President-elect Joe Biden’s win before they had to recess and suspend the voting process for a few hours. They were able to confirm Biden’s victory early Thursday morning with 306 electoral votes. Chaos […]

Taste On TV Hits One Million Viewership Milestone


Taste On Tv announced on Instagram recently that the network hit one million views and over three million impressions online. Tasteavision Media launched the 24-hour cooking and lifestyle network on Labor Day which is now the hub for Black and POC chefs. “This network is designed to feature people of color not represented on television. Or […]

Why More Companies Need To Advertise With Black Media Outlets

Today companies and brands are eager to reach multiple demographics particularly the Black community.  It’s estimated that Black buying power within the U.S. reached a total of $1.4 trillion in 2019. This is a 48.1 percent increase from 2010. With our buying power in the economy growing, companies need to take things a step further by […]

Please Address Her As Dr. Jill Biden

Dr. Jill Biden article image

The Wall Street Journal is currently under fire for publishing an op-ed over the weekend titled, “Is There a Doctor in the White House? Not if You Need an M.D.” The article, written by journalist Joseph Epstein, questions the legitimacy of soon-to-be First Lady Jill Biden’s doctorate degree that she earned from the University of […]

Tyrese Gibson is Giving Away $1,000 A Day

Tyrese Gibson

(Photo by: Charley Gallay/Getty Images) Tyrese Gibson is spreading some holiday cheer the best way a celebrity can which is by opening their purse. The actor/singer announced on Instagram today that he will be giving away $1,000 a day to families in need over the next 30 days. “Proudly I’m in a space right now […]

Should Future Church Planters Start Churches Exclusively Online?


Covid-19 has impacted the church’s ability to gather during tough times like these. Churches are now streaming their services online or minimizing their in-person congregation sizes. As this is the new normal for so many churches, it begs the question of whether future church planters should start their ministries entirely online. Here are a few […]