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For the multi-faceted, multi-layered Millennials leading the way in subverting the culture with attitude, and purpose. From Geek culture, Jesus culture, sneaker culture and pop culture, InClub magazine accepts the task of shaping the narrative, cultivating ideas, telling our stories and being the voice of this generation of the influential, inspired and involved, planet-shakers that do not fit in any one box. Through intelligently witty and entertaining content, media, podcast discussions and interviews with the celebrities, influencers, tastemakers and trailblazers that are contributing to and defining modern culture.

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Our Founder, Dion Ringgold

Dion Ringgold Is native to Philadelphia born and bred and studied business at La Salle University.

He is the founder and Editor in Chief of InClub Magazine, and creator of The Super Late Show.

As a content creator, Dion has been credited with creating and produced podcast for other creatives as well. In Addition to being a bonafide visionary, Dion is a personal stylist, and creative director and self-proclaim movie critic and film enthusiast. Dion has also begun to display that he is a captivating, intelligent, and passionate speaker, fully equipped with wit, and tweet-able and repost worthy moments who connects with this generation. Dion has spoken on business panels at La Salle University, as well as spoken at Howard school of business and has been invited back for the last several years to speak to a business class at Penn State University as well as youth conferences. Dion embodies what it means to be a millennial, traditional yet innovative, ambitious yet strategist, and always looking for ways to impact community, contribute to the culture, while being well dressed and living to hear well done.

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Meet the Team

Dion Ringgold
Founder & Editor in Chief


Teona Ringgold
Marketing & Production Manager


Amirah Mikell
Jr. Copy Editor


Ticora Adams
Fashion Editor