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Signs It’s Too Early to Meet the Parents

10 signs it's too early to meet the parents

In any serious relationship, there comes a time when both of you are going to meet each other’s parents. Whether you believe it or not, meeting the parents signifies that the relationship is heading in a serious direction, but it can also be a lot of pressure. Knowing when to introduce your partner to family […]

Are You Ready to Go to Therapy? Here’s How to Tell


Mental health issues are common, especially now with so much going on in the world. Recent statistics from the National Alliance on Mental Health show 1 out of every 5 American adults live with a mental health condition, while 1 in 25 adults live with a serious mental health condition. Psychotherapy, counseling, or therapy can […]

5 Ways to Help Your Child Choose a Fulfilling Career


Can you remember the first thing you wanted to be when you grew up? Chances are you don’t. The reality is, as adults, we’ve navigated through the realms of finishing high-school, heading to college, and facing the challenges of picking a career that “fits”. But wouldn’t it have been easier if we knew exactly what […]

Navigating the Job Market: We May be Doing it Wrong 

Job Market-InClub Magazine-07-29-20

With the current climate of the world—a planet ripe with a pandemic—many of us are changing how we view success. Employers have laid people off, enforced pay cuts or reduced employee hours. And other working citizens haven’t been affected at all. Or, they haven’t had to make some of the sacrifices that many working have […]

How to Find Your Tribe in a New City

How to Find Your Tribe- InClub Magazine-07-19-2020

I am a journalist. What does that mean beyond face value specifics like occupation, salary and experience? It means that people like me, people with jobs like mine, can never get too comfortable. I’ve had to move or be willing to move at a moment’s notice to advance my career. Realistically, sure, I would love […]

Stay 6 Feet Apart But Stick Together


Within 24 hours amid worldwide protests, 21,000 new coronavirus cases emerge. What did they label the United States? “Worst-Affected” country with an overwhelming 1.8 million cases and 106,046 deaths. Experts are constantly reminding us that social distancing will remain our best weapon to slow the spread of this new virus, but after months of hunkering […]

Who told you that you were ugly? Don’t believe everything you hear.


Have you ever seen someone who thought they were ugly and thought them crazy for the thought? Do you or have you ever considered your-self unattractive? By what standard have we built to measure what is ugly? When it comes to outer appearance the most famous line in history is that “beauty is in the […]

Why Guys Need Better Friendships


For the longest time, maybe even still, there are a few things if asked to do, men will not feel comfortable doing. Buying women’s hygiene products, holding his mother’s purse, and allowing his woman to put the puppy ear filter on him from Snapchat. Telling another guy “I love you” would probably crack that list […]

Why The Way of Least Resistance is The Wrong Way


The other day, I was driving through my neighborhood and saw the weekly posting from our neighborhood “artist/activist”. It went something like this – “The path of least resistance is the right path, because it is the easiest path to follow”. Now I’m hoping that she was being sarcastic, but I couldn’t help wondering how […]