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Allyson Felix Races Shoes to the Shelf

Saysh One Shoes

Six-time gold medalist Allyson Felix announced that she had started her lifestyle brand called Saysh. She announced on Instagram that she didn’t have a sponsor for her Olympic racing spikes this year, so she created her own with a team of women. The first product (besides her shoes for the Olympics) will be a lifestyle […]

All eyes are on Sha’Carri Richardson as she sweeps up her competition

Sha'Carri Richardson

This past week Sha’Carri Richardson secured her spot on the Women’s Olympic team for the 100-meter dash.   Making a statement by winning the finals of the Olympic Trials (women’s 100-meter dash) with a time of 10.86, the Texas native also put the world on notice when she ran a blazing 10.64 (win-aided: not eligible for a […]

Olympic Champion Simone Biles Ends Deal with Nike


Since competing in the 2016 Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro, Olympic champion Simone Biles has been a role model for young women and girls worldwide. Although she has held a long-term contract with sports giant Nike, she has recently signed a deal with Athleta, a sub-brand of Gap Inc. that is known for supporting […]

Top 5 Best Footwear Collabs


Sneaker Collab’s have been around for quite some time. Over the last few decades, retailers and artists have joined forces to create some of the coolest footwear. From Nike to Converse, no brand has been left untouched. Partnerships and collaborations are becoming more and more popular for footwear brands. Sneaker collaborations represent the culture and fashion. Within the […]

Nike Gives Black Women Their Flowers In New Video

Nike posted a new video to their social media platforms on Sunday morning highlighting Black women in every field from sports to politics to everyday life.The video addresses the popular hashtag #BlackGirlMagic and how the fact that it’s considered to be out of the ordinary couldn’t be further from the truth in many cases for […]

Hottest Sneakers Released In 2020


As news buzzes around the latest drop of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Superstar sneakers by Adidas, we thought it would be best to take a wider look at the most popular, wacky, and stylish sneaks of 2020. Many on this list have been named top picks of the year and sold quite well during their […]

The new Kyrie 6’s; and they’re designed by a girl

kyrie-aisa iriving-inclub magazine

Sneaker culture for a long time has felt like the “He man woman haters club”. Much to the chagrin of many, in 2020 we are still only allowing in one Darla at a time it seems. We have come a long way with the inception of organizations such as the WNBA. The state of women’s […]