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After Warning Against Misinformation Campaigns, FBI Traces Voter Intimidation Overseas


Last night the FBI held an impromptu press conference with just about over a week remaining before the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. Their decision to address the public on a national platform comes amidst activity of voter intimidation via email in several states. Many registered voters in Florida received an email, allegedly from the Proud […]

Facebook discourages Netflix’s Viral Documentary ‘The Social Dilemma’ to Appease Users

Social Dilemma

Since its premiere, The Social Dilemma has ranked among the top trending documentaries to watch. Viewers took to their social media accounts to spark discussions surrounding trust and safety towards tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter–a few of the platforms that are mentioned in the film. The Social Dilemma in a nutshell seeks to expose […]

Everything You Need to Know About the iPhone 12


As if we didn’t have enough excitement during 2020, a new leak of the iPhone 12 series is said to hit stores very soon. Although we are unsure of when the new phone will be released, we do not that previous models have been released in mid-September, Usually, new iPhone models arrive like clockwork, but […]