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Street Chic and Sneaks

  1. We see street and chic styles all over the media, but when do we get to see this new sneaker trend? Wearing sneakers has become the new normal. Not to mention one of the hottest fashion trends around the world. Sure people have been collecting sneaker for many years. Most of us can remember when sneakers were frowned upon. A lot of things in fashion are becoming more expectable and sneakers have made the cut.

I say start small, it’s not easy trading in your Manlos for sneakers. Switch it up a bit – we are here for the cute and comfortable. I did some research and played around with different looks that may be suitable for the sneaker heads and fashionistas.

There are many looks to choose from, pieces you wouldn’t imagine pairing with sneakers. Dressing up or down, we have come across some cool inspirational looks.

Street Shoots

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Starting off strong this midi skater skirt and sneakers are definitely one of my favorite looks for the summer. Paired with a fanny pack and hat, perfect look for a day of errands!


Brands like Gucci, Fendi, Burberry have shown us the tip top of Luxury. Brands have grasped the sneaker trend by pairing luxury items with their Luxury sneakers.

PFW Street looks

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No matter what condition your sneakers are in- as long as you have a cool fit. Casual and comfortable- this is the look I’ve been seeing on the regular and I do believe it’s fabulous.

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Here is another fabulous look that has been trending. a nice basic suite paired with a hat and of course chuck Taylors. I have no complaints.


Stylish Street Groups

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This is chic street sneaks! Definitely one of my favorite looks of them all. Enjoy old fashion looks with a twist of modern. This group of girls has layered up- can you say cute and classic?!

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These guys are a breath of fresh air. This color blocking, blue group has nailed the suit and sneaker trend as well. A small amount of accessories can go a long way. Amazing,  my friends.

It was a fun time gathering a few inspirational street looks. I say do what works best for your personal style. Until next time-  stay chic in the streets with your sneaks.


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