Megan thee Stallion Searches for Her Inner Athlete with Nike Collab

“Hotties we are officially Nike Hotties” Megan Thee Stallion announced on her Instagram on September 23. With a desire to inspire anyone who is searching for their inner athlete, Meg partners with Nike and Nike trainer Tara Nicolas to give an insight into her fitness journey while encouraging her fans to follow their own personal journey and ignore the critics. 

 “Dance Is My Sport”

As part of the “Play New” Campaign, Nike released a short film titled “New Hotties”. In the film, Meg reminisces on her life back in Houston and how due to her height, many people thought she should do sports like basketball, volleyball, or track. She realized that none of these were for her and she set out on her own journey to find her own passion. Megan had something to prove. Even though naysayers were saying she wasn’t an athlete, she wanted to prove them wrong. Going from 12 hour dance rehearsals to performing in front of 50,000 people (in squats for most of the show), Meg Thee Stallion is out to show why she earned that name and exactly why she is an athlete. “Dance is my sport. Rapping is my sport. Performing is my sport. I am an athlete and so are you”.

 “Keeping myself healthy”

Anyone watching Meg perform can testify to her athletic abilities. The strength and breath control it takes to hover inches above the ground in a squat while rapping and twerking is quite impressive. This gravity defining move has sparked what is now affectionately known as “Megan knees”. Just attempt the move and you will begin to understand just how athletic Meg has to be in order to do this as a performer. She has to be healthy, both mentally and physically. In her campaign she states “I love my body, first of all. That’s number one. I’m curvy, I’m thick, I’m tall. But I definitely want to make sure I’m keeping myself healthy, mentally and physically”. This mentality allows her to motivate her fans who are searching for their inner athletes, affectionately known as Hotties, to keep health and wellness at the forefront of their minds.

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“It’s just really about discipline”

Anything worth having or doing will not come easy and the same goes for living a healthy lifestyle. On the NTC app (where you can get her workouts), she makes sure to let her watchers know that “even though you might be going through it, you can get through it”. Finding your inner athlete is not easy and Megan makes sure that is known. “It’s realistic for you to want to give up…It’s just really about discipline”. Pep talk your way through – that is how you get to the other side of the mountain. In the words of Meg herself , “spray positivity, even to yourself. Wake up, look in the mirror: I am bad, I am a bad B. I am a Hot Girl. I, too, am a Hot Girl Coach”.



Of course, to find your inner athlete on the inside starts with looking good on the outside. Shop Meg’s look on


With the pep talks and a brand new workout outfit, your inner athlete will for sure be found and Megan knees will be in full effect.



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