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A Piece of the Pie


“…The stands are full. Somebody’s getting paid for this and it ain’t us.” – Jalen Rose College athletes can now receive pay for use of their likenesses, names, and images. After decades of filling stadiums and not being paid a dime, instead being told things like, “You’re receiving a free education,” college athletes can now cash […]

NBA Playoffs: Round 1


We’re halfway through opening round 1 of the NBA Playoffs and saying “expect the unexpected” is proving to be a massive understatement. From potential sweeps to the surprisingly competitive, the first round of the 2021 Playoffs proves what we needed after the bubble experience from last year. NBA stadiums are beginning to return to a […]

Naomi Osaka Joins Forces With Salad Giant Sweetgreen to Create Her Own Signature Bowl

Tennis champion Naomi Osaka has secured numerous endorsements from Louis Vuitton to Tag Heuer within the past year. She recently announced a new partnership with the fast-casual salad giant Sweetgreen. This makes her the company’s first athlete ambassador and its youngest investor. “Our goal in partnering together is a big one: to change the way […]

Tiger Woods Involved In Major Roll-Over Car Collision

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods was involved in a major single-car collision this morning in California. The exact cause of the accident is unknown. No other passengers were in the car when this happened. It’s reported that firefighters had to extricate Woods from the vehicle due to the nature of the accident. Los Angeles County Sheriffs described his […]



While our social media feed returns to normal, we find ourselves in a sort of state of malaise, because we know things are anything but normal. There is still justice that needs to be served in cases at the heart of the recent protest that have reinvigorated the conversation for the sheer disregard of Black […]