Sha’Carri Richardson Wins U.S. 100m title: “I’m not Back, I’m Better”

Sha’Carri Richardson’s recent dominating performance in the women’s 100-meter race at Oregon’s Hayward Field earlier this month has left the world in awe of her sprinting prowess. Clocking an impressive time of 10.82 seconds, Richardson’s victory is a testament to her dedication, hard work, and resilience in the face of adversity. 

This victory comes two years after her national title was stripped due to a “doping” violation. Thus marking a significant milestone for the American sprint star.

Having tested positive for cannabis, which is not a performance-enhancing drug, Richardson’s case sparked debate about the fairness and relevance of such drug policies in sports. Her case shed light on the discrepancy between cannabis consumption and its classification as a banned substance in certain sports. Unlike traditional performance-enhancing drugs, cannabis is not known to improve an athlete’s physical abilities or give them an unfair advantage on the track. Instead, it’s commonly used for relaxation, pain management, and stress relief. The incident also sparked discussions about athletes’ mental and emotional pressures and the importance of mental health support within the sports community.

Richardson Rises Above

Despite the setback, Richardson refused to be defined by the incident. She rose above the challenges with a remarkable comeback and proved to the world she is a force to be reckoned with. 

Aside from her speed and dominance on the track, the moment that stood at the race was the start. In a moment of liberation, Richardson removed her signature orange wig and tossed it to the ground behind her. Shedding the burden of her past and soaring freely to her dreams. 


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♬ Put It On Da Floor – Latto

In a post-race interview with NBC Sports, Richardson candidly reflected on the Tokyo Olympic Trials on the same track.  “I’ve been a champion,” she said in regards to making her first world championships team. “The thing I remember the most is the last time I think I stood here, in this stadium, with you, and I did an interview when I knew I wasn’t ready to do one. But now I stand here with you again, and I’m ready, mentally, physically, and emotionally, and I’m here to stay.” 

Sha’Carri Richardson is on to Worlds

With this victory, Richardson has earned her spot on the world championships team. She’ll be making her first international meet appearance in Budapest in August. Brittany Brown (10.90) and Tamari Davis (10.99) secured the remaining podium spots for the event. 

As anticipation builds, the world eagerly awaits the chance to witness Richardson’s brilliance shine on an international stage. Her journey of perseverance and triumph serves as an inspiration to countless individuals. She proves that with dedication, hard work, and an unyielding spirit, one can overcome even the most challenging obstacles. Richardson’s star is undoubtedly rising, and the world is ready to witness her soar to even greater heights. 

Her story also serves as a reminder of the complexities surrounding doping in sports. While athletes are responsible for adhering to regulations, it’s essential that the sports community support those who have faced setbacks. Allow them a path to redemption and a chance to display their growth and talents once again.

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