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National Clean Water Collective Is Helping Communities Impacted By The U.S. Water Crisis

In cities across the U.S., many communities are facing issues identical to the Flint water crisis. Clean water is in short supply leaving many without tap water to drink, cook with, and/or bathe in. But the National Clean Water Collective (NCWC) is filling that void and providing so many people with an essential need.

Read more to find out how this organization is doing amazing things in towns and cities to combat the nation’s water crisis.

The National Clean Water Collective’s Outreach

Syrah Scott, Calvin McQueen, and several other community leaders founded this initiative in 2016 after witnessing the needs of communities like Flint. Since then the NCWC’s reach has grown significantly.

According to their website, they’ve raised $475k to provide resources to areas impacted by the water crisis which include Flint, New Jersey, and The Bahamas.

McQueen did an interview with WNEM in 2020 detailing the short term and long term plans of NCWC. This includes installing new water filtration systems in community centers and replacing all of the tainted pipelines in Flint.

“We’re showing the people in this area that we can combat this, the bottled water is good, but it’s only a bandaid,” he said.

During Covid-19, the NCWC’s work hasn’t stopped at providing communities with clean water. They even partnered with author and activist, Hill Harper, to raise money in order to provide cases of purified boxed water to Flint residents during the pandemic.

Along with doing the work in communities, they also educate people about the quality of their tap water. In the video below, they share how you can easily test how clean the tap water in your home is. This is important because most people might not think twice about, but the water that you brush your teeth with or even cook with could contain harmful contaminants which might be damaging to your health.

The totality of the U.S. water crisis means that it’s going to take time to completely solve it. But, it’s refreshing to see the NCWC tackle this issue through empowering and educating people about having access to clean water.

To learn more about the National Clean Water Collective, make a donation, or volunteer go to:

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