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National Clean Water Collective Is Helping Communities Impacted By The U.S. Water Crisis

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In cities across the U.S., many communities are facing issues identical to the Flint water crisis. Clean water is in short supply leaving many without tap water to drink, cook with, and/or bathe in. But the National Clean Water Collective (NCWC) is filling that void and providing so many people with an essential need. Read […]

Flint Recap: 6 years, “Kind Of” Clean Water And A Lawsuit Later

Flint-InCLub Magazine-6-10-2020

What happened? Flint, Michigan was once a thriving city that possessed one of the largest motor plants in the nation. In the 80s, the city started to take an economic downturn because GM downsized. The population steadily decreased, they closed car factories, cut the police force in half and accumulated over 1 billion dollars in […]