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Styling the “New Normal”: SS2020 Style Trends


2020 has been a year full of twists and turns. The highlight of it perhaps being the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement during the course of a global pandemic. We will never return to the old normal, but are creating “new normal’s” for our lives every day in more ways than one. Style […]

Summer Is Not Cancelled; 5 Top Trends You Need to Slay This Summer


  We all have been cooped up in our homes for the past few months; most of us consuming snacks and exhausting our netflix que. But if you’re like me, you’ve also hit the add to cart button more times than normal. Now you’ve collected a wardrobe of items you’re not sure when you will […]

5 Fashion Rules you Are Allowed To Break


As a child, rules are ingrained in your head as something that keep you from going too far or keep you from getting hurt. But have you ever felt that certain rules stunt your creativity? When a child is learning how to color, for instance, the first thing parents or teachers tell them is to […]