Ferrari is switching lanes to debut fashion house

Legendary Italian house carmaker, Ferrari, is switching lanes and is giving its take on high fashion. This month, Ferrari, excitedly debuted their ready to wear collection.

The brand tapped Rocco Iannone, formerly of Armani to lead the brand in its fashion endeavor.

Race cars and the Ferrari rearing stallion logo were represented in all over silk prints, fashion writer Valerio Mezzanotti for the NYT noted.

Ferrari understands that their entrance into the fashion world may not be as smooth sailing as their cars.

So “from an aesthetic point of view, in the beginning we have to be very literal with symbols and anatomy in order to legitimize our design territory,” Iannone said.

At the fashion show, models donned heavily inspired Ferrari-esque clothing. From branded socks, to race car red handbags and unisex sportswear jackets.

Much of the capsule’s designs looked exactly like much would think, tire elbow patches [on jackets], and look at me tones just like their sports cars.

The highly anticipated runway show, stayed even more true, and close to home, by turning the Ferrari factory into a fashion house runaway.

“Surrounded by unfinished cars on the plant’s cherry red conveyor belt, they [tastemakers, journalists] watched as models paraded by in vintage roadster-printed shirts and organza nylon jackets gleaming like freshly waxed vehicles. Logo-laden seatbelts doubled as belts.This was Ferrari’s first high-fashion collection: an ambitious and well-financed attempt to transform the brand from a luxury automotive company into a luxury lifestyle name that will serve as an avatar of Italian aesthetics to the world,” chief marketing director of Ferrari expressed. 

Eventually Ferrari has hopes in turning into a lifestyle brand, much like Chanel and LVMH.

As the brand delves into their new lane, Ferrari fashion house, some will have front row seats into how long they can keep this engine revving.

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