Six 90s Fashion Trends Coming Back

90s Fashion is making a comeback and I would like to thank Family Matters, Friends, Saved By The Bell, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Moesha for inspiring some of the fashion trends we still see today.

Generally speaking, I am not a big fashion trend person. I prefer classic pieces and wearing colors that make me feel good. For example, I have several pencil skirts in different colors and materials because I like being able to mix and match my clothes so it gives the appearance of a new outfit. At the same time, I am 100% here for certain 90s fashion coming around again.

Lupita Nyong'o wearing a scrunchie

Give us 90s fashion but make it modern.

90s Hair Accessories

Scrunchies and Butterfly clips are coming back but with a modern twist. It seems the scrunchie never went completely out of style. You could always find them in the stores, however, the age of the VSCO Girl a few years ago skyrocketed this hair accessory to the top once again. One of my daughters has an entire drawer full of scrunchies in various colors and textures. Celebrities like Lupita Nyong’o have been photographed wearing the popular hair accessory. And have you seen the jumbo scrunchie?

90s comeback jumbo scrunchie style
Photo Credit: Culture Hijab

Target is carrying the traditional plastic colorful butterfly clips, if you’re feeling particularly nostalgic, look exactly like the original. Kinda makes you think they were saved from the 90s and recently pulled from storage.

The new version of the butterfly clip comes in gorgeous textures and vibrant colors.


90s comeback trend blackgirlwithbraids-butterflyclips


Denim Overalls

Everyone had at least one pair of denim overalls in the 90s. They were as common as a white Hanes t-shirt. Every store in person and online is carrying them. Old Navy, Forever 21, or Romwe, and you’ll find an overall style for everyone. Pants, shorts, dresses, baggy, form-fitting and high-waisted. My oldest daughter has been on the hunt for the perfect denim overall for at least a year. She recently found one she had to have on Shein.


sheindenimjumperdress 90s comeback fashion
Photo Credit: Shein


The Fanny Pack

When I heard the fanny pack was coming back in style, I swore there would never be one on my body. Well, a trip to an amusement park changed my mind when I saw people wearing them and looking cute. They could walk right onto the rides without having to pay for a locker to hold their stuff. I came home that night and ordered four from Amazon.

You may think of the bulky bag worn around the waist, usually in some form of ugly. That is not the case with the upgraded version we have now. Fanny packs aren’t just trendy, they are functional as well and come in a plethora of styles such as leather, sporty, iridescent, and camo.




The Prarie Dress aka Cottage Core

Do you know those ankle-length dresses that resemble a gown with tiny buttons down the front? Usually in the beige color palette. Well, they’re back except in more colors and lengths. TikTok had me cackling talking about these dresses. Specifically the ones they carry in Target. Many said it was giving Handmaid’s Tale.

That being said, thinking outside the box and using a few accessories, you can make these dresses your own. Dare I say, fashionable. Lauren, username @enchanted_noir on TikTok does a great job of putting this look together in a modern way. Pinterest also has some great ideas on where to buy and style these modernized Prarie dresses.

black girl cottage core-90s fashion comebacktallulah-i11
Photo Credit: House of CB


Vintage Eye Glasses

I’ve worn glasses since I was about eight years old and never did I see them becoming the fashion accessory they have in the last decade. With websites like Discount Glasses and Zeelol, you can have multiple backups to change up your look. Even if you don’t need to pay to see, you can still purchase frames from these sites and make a fashion statement.

Some of the styles coming back from the 90s are circular glasses, oversized glasses, bold or colored frames, cat eye, and square. We will probably see a lot of circular glasses and oversized glasses with different colored tints this spring and summer.




Bomber Jackets

Thumbs up for bringing this one back. The bomber jacket can be dressed up or down. If you think you may not have the best fashion sense, get yourself a black bomber jacket, pair it with some Vans, jeans, and a graphic tee or hoodie.

For Women – dress it up by switching out the sneakers for a pair of heels. Keep the graphic tee, or switch it out for a plain white tee and add a cute purse.

For Men – wear a dress shirt instead of a tee, slacks, and dress shoes for a more modern look.


90s fashion comeback palaleather-bomberjacket
Photo Credit: Pala Leather


What 90s fashion are you most excited about wearing or trying?

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