Top 3 Fashionable Cities In the World Besides NYC

New York is often considered the fashion capital of the world and for good reason. The city is a mecca for diverse designers, brands and styles of dress to flourish and make a statement. However, across the globe there are plenty of cities that embody new and unique takes on fashion. Here are the top three fashionable cities in the world that are outside the good old Big Apple!

1. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo mirrors New York because it’s a city full of residents and tourists. And in a similar fashion, this comes with a heavy presence of street style. When it comes to Tokyo street style, the Harajuku district is known for its eclectic and colorful fashion. In particular, Takeshita street is considered to be the center of Harajuku fashion.

Along this street, trendy fashion stores and independent thrift shops are frequented by local fashion lovers. The widely popular Tokyo Fashion blog and Instagram page (@TokyoFashion) captures the city’s unique sense of fashion for the world to see!


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2. Copenhagen, Denmark

Elements of fashion that are closely associated with Danish style include going for high-quality clothing items rather than cheaply made ones. Also, leaning towards a more minimal or toned down look compared to one that’s full of bold pieces clashing against each other. These unwritten fashion rules are fairly prevalent amongst locals of Copenhagen (the capital of Denmark).

However, Danish jewelry designer and architect Caroline Sillesen shares with Vogue that Copenhagen residents also find ways to add a twist to their everyday style. Whether it’s a pop of color via lipstick or a unique and vibrant vintage sweater. “I think we’re getting more confident and independent in our style, whereas some years ago it was about blending in and looking like each other in minimalist black clothing,” she says.

Her business partner and model Rose Hermansen adds that nowadays Copenhagen locals experiment with their style. “Mixing things that you thought might not [go together] brings in the charm of being outside a lot,” she says. “You put on whatever you find and that makes these weird but funny combinations of patterns and textures, which I think is super Danish.”

3. Paris, France

There couldn’t be a list of the international fashionable cities if Paris—affectionately known as the “City of Lights”—wasn’t included. Designers, clothing manufacturers and stylists flock to this city to embrace its rich fashion history that features luxury and opulence.

Luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Givenchy also take advantage of the city’s views and historical buildings to show off their latest clothing, shoes and accessories. This creates a memorable experience for the brand’s consumers that makes it worth visiting Paris themselves with their designer goods.


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The Global Fashion Cities Consumer Index estimates that by 2030 Paris will become the leading city for fashion when it comes to factors such as wealth, brand presence and consumption. However if you’re wondering the backstory of how Paris became a fashion capital, Diana Pemberton from the FashionForRealWomen YouTube channel gives an overview in her video below. (Hint: This phenomena dates back to the King of France Louis XIV!)

This list should give you a taste of what fashionable cities in the world have to offer. Take this as a start to delve deeper into the fashion and style of places you’ve probably never visited before. It will make anyone want to grab their passport, hop on the nearest international flight and admire the vibrant global fashion for themselves!

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