“The Big Chop”: Everything You Need To Know

I did the big chop. It was 2017 and I was about to reach a milestone of the ripe young age of 25. I wanted to do something different. I felt like I was stepping into a new me and I wanted to do something that represented that. Women rocking short hair was growing expeditiously and I was intrigued. So, I did it – took the plunged.  I say all of this to ease your mind – I’m not just some woman that is currently thinking about cutting her hair. I am a woman that did it 5 years ago and is rocking a buzz cut today– and honestly, I have no intention of going back. So, I can help you. If you are thinking of taking the plunge, here is everything you need to prepare before doing the “big chop”.


1. Patience after the “Big Chop”

The “Big Chop” is just that – big! It can be a huge moment for women – and that sort of change can take a while to get used to. I remember waking up the next day after I did my chop, looking in the mirror, and feeling like I made the worst mistake of my life. I wanted to turn back time, wear a wig until my hair grew back – something, anything to make my hair not be short anymore. Flashforward 5 years, I am in love with my short hair. Now I am not saying that it will take you 5 years to love your short hair – but you get my point. Patience. Give it time. Learn to love the new you.

2. Find the style that works best for you before the “Big Chop”

Most people assume that there is only one type of cut – the super short buzz cut. However, that is not the case. There are so many different types of short cut looks, including the pixie and the bob. And then there are different kinds within those. Not one cut is the same. Find one that looks right for your head shape and your face – one that just makes you feel like the most beautiful you.

3. Learn Your Curl Pattern before the “Big Chop”

Most women do the big chop into a short buzz because they want to start over. They are ready to go natural and want to get rid of dead hair. However, styling natural hair can be complicated. If your goal is to natural, then trial and error will be your friend during this time, but going back to my first point, patience is key. Try different products and different styles – one will stick eventually. Creams, mousses, gels, oil – try it all!

4. Hair Is Not What Makes You Beautiful Before & After the “Big Chop”

I hope you read this article and truly learned something about how to prepare for the big chop.  But if you didn’t – the one thing that I want you to remember and hold close to your heart is this – your hair is not what makes you beautiful. Women are told constantly that long hair is the most attractive. Media has enforced this idea repeatedly. This in turns makes women who do want to do the big chop nervous. They question whether they will be considered pretty. The answer is yes. You are beautiful. All of you. Long hair, short hair, medium-length hair – all styles, straight and natural – are beautiful. If you want to cut your hair, do it. If you don’t, then don’t. That is the really the only thing that you can truly do to prepare yourself – make sure you want to do it. And if you do – well welcome to the short side.

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