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What Self-love Really Is and What Self-love Is Not

Radical self-love is the ability to love yourself pass insecurities, flaws, setbacks, trauma, and rejection that you

have received through your entire life. Do not to confuse this with self-care. For self-care is what we do to maintain our feelings about

ourselves. Feelings are fleeting and to describe unconditional love for oneself as an emotion is not deep enough. It is pedestrian.


Self-love is Courage

Unapologetic and radical self-love never fades; love never wavers. Self- love is more than bravery, it is courage.

The courage to live your life at its truest and purest form regardless of opposition and resistance is admirable. Self-love is

not an affirmation. Self-love is a core belief deep within the subconscious; it cannot be penetrated or cracked.  Don’t be

mistaken, it isn’t a shield neither is it armor. You can’t put it on neither can you take it off. You don’t need it in battle or in fight.

When you have radical self-love, you have all the tools you need. Understand that to acquire self- love is expensive. It is going to cost. This isn’t glamor or illusion. The price is



Validation comes from within – not from others

A total and complete transformation comes from a shift which will drive you to be who you were meant to

be. Self- love will bring you faith- total and complete trust in one’s own

abilities to move in this life in, however you chose. Choice is the greatest gift we have ever been given, but

it comes with power.  It is easy to not be able to see the weight of our choices until we are removed from our circumstance.

The past is here to teach us how we show up in the world depends on one thing only and that is choice.

Trust in yourself. Having choice is the ability to live freely.  Have total faith in one’s ability to move through this life

however, you chose to. Self- love is freedom.




Photo Cred: Tim Mossholder

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