The Black Effect: All the Black Women Who Won Elections This Past Tuesday

The stress and uncertainty of the 2020 presidential election will forever be etched in the minds of many Americans. However despite that some very historical strides were made by Black women who not only showed up to the polls but now occupy office in the White House and Congress.

These victories come decades after Shirley Chisholm became the first Black woman elected to Congress in 1968 and the first Black presidential candidate for a major party in 1972. Take some time to get to know these Black women who are committed to positively shaping their local districts and the country at large.

Kamala Harris (D)

Kamala Harris’ win as Vice President-elect has set a precedent for women as well as the Black community and the Asian community. On Saturday night the she gave an empowering victory speech in Delaware about the current climate of the country and how we will move forward in a united manner.

Maxine Waters (D)

Representative Maxine Waters has served the 43rd congressional district of California since 2013. Her re-election victory on Tuesday against Joe Collins has only made her more eager to continue working with her constituents to enact change.


Cori Bush (D)

Congresswoman-elect Cori Bush became Missouri’s first Black congresswoman garnering 84 percent of the vote during the race. In addition, her political career she’s also a registered nurse and a community leader for the Black Lives Matter movement.


Nikema Williams (D)

Nikema Williams expressed gratitude after being elected as the representative of Georgia’s 5th congressional district. She currently serves as a member of the Georgia State Senate for the 39th district.


Ilhan Omar (D)

Ilhan Omar won her re-election for Minnesota’s 5th congressional district which she has represented since 2019. She continues her congressional journey with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib who are all members of The Squad.


Marilyn Strickland (D)

Marilyn Strickland will be making history as the first Black member of Congress from Washington state as well as the first Korean American congresswoman. She previously served as the mayor of Tacoma, WA from 2010 to 2018.


Ayanna Pressley (D)

Representative Ayanna Pressley won her re-election for the Massachusetts 7th congressional district. In 2019, she became the first Black woman elected to Congress from Massachusetts.


Lucy McBath (D)

Representative Lucy McBath will continue her tenure serving Georgia’s 6th congressional district. She draws on her life experiences as a mother to further her fight for important issues such as gun violence prevention.

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