5 Ways to Sneak White Into Your Outfits this Fall and Winter

I know we’ve all heard the cliche phrase “No White After Labor Day.” Well if there’s one thing we’ve all learned in 2020 is that life is unpredictable and to live your life to the fullest. Translation; wear the white! White is not only reserved for the summer and is always a chic and easy option to wear. When wearing white all year round there are just a few tips to consider. Keep reading to get the scoop on how to style whites into the colder seasons.

Sweaters/Sweater Dresses

Once the weather breaks, one of the first things you start to look for are great knits and sweaters. A chic white sweater or dress should definitely be on your radar to consider once you start shopping. One important thing to consider is fabric and/or texture.

I know we didn’t get much of a summer, but one thing that needs to be left in that season are certain fabrics. Put away too lightweight fabrics like linen, eyelet and gauzy cottons. Opt for more season appropriate fabrics like wool, heavier cottons, cashmere, boucle and a big trend;leather.

Considering these fabrics leaves you with lots of great options. Some great styles to consider; a luxurious cashmere sweater a faux leather skirt or a sweater dress.

H&M Faux Leather Skirt
Facetune – 2020-10-20T115508.109
Missguided Midaxi Dress


Boots, boots and more boots. They are an absolute must,must,must. You can literally throw a white boot on with any outfit and instantly elevate your look. I enjoy a white boot even more than a black. It presents a posh look and gives a rich minimal chic appeal. There are so many great styles out right now. Try an over the knee style for dressing up or a white combat boot for a more casual edgy vibe.

Nine West Maxim Boot $139



One universal style that most people will need during the cooler months is a coat. Another minimal but chic way to sneak white into your wardrobe. I know many dread purchasing such an everyday piece in such an unpractical color. But honestly, impracticality is in the eye of the beholder. A white coat always looks polished, and matches everything;how more practical can you get. There are also so many affordable yet so chic styles out right now. Check out some popular fast fashion retailers like H&M and Mango who always release fashionable yet cost effective styles each year.

H& M Belted Coat $59.99
H&M Long Wool Blend Coat $99



Accessories are the component of an outfit that often gets overlooked. However, it is the very component that can make or break an outfit. If you’re not ready to commit to a whole look in white, adding in a few white accessories should do the trick. One great style is the fedora. It adds posh appeal to an outfit or simply covers up a bad hair day. Throw it on with any color coat and your good to go. White handbags also add an awesome pop to an outfit. Try a quilted style or hobo; both very on trend this Fall!

Amazon White fedora $15
Mango Bag $40


Go All the Way:

If your like me and love to make a statement, just go for the gold. Or in this instance, white. We could all take a page from Lisa Raye’s book once in a while. An all white outfit just reads super clean and chic. Compose all of the components above to create the ultimate envious white outfit. To keep your look from falling flat, make sure to mix up the textures to create depth and interest.

I hope these tips have helped turn you away from the “No White After Labor Day” cliche

White is appropriate and so beautiful all year round. I’m sure with these suggestions a lot of you will be having a white Christmas; until then don’t be afraid to rock those chic white and cream tones.

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