Summer Is Not Cancelled; 5 Top Trends You Need to Slay This Summer


We all have been cooped up in our homes for the past few months; most of us consuming snacks and exhausting our netflix que. But if you’re like me, you’ve also hit the add to cart button more times than normal. Now you’ve collected a wardrobe of items you’re not sure when you will actually wear outside. In my mind summer was cancelled and I shifted my frivolous purchases to fall themed attire. Well I was mistaken; there’s hope for our summer slay after all.  Many states have begun to see loosening of reigns, so we will actually have the chance to wear some of the bedroom mirror outfits we’ve concocted from boredom and optimism. So my friends; summer is not cancelled. We have a good two and a half months to make up for lost time. Here are my top 5 must have styles to show up and show out this summer.


Puff Sleeves: I can’t look on a website or turn a page these days without spotting a puff sleeve. I’m all about the drama so this trend is all the rage for me. From tops to babydoll and maxi dresses. This trend can be seen in solid colors as well as patterns. I’m curious to see if this trend will carry over into fall by way of trench coats and sweaters; but for now let’s enjoy its debut for summer.

Zara Voluminous Taffeta Dress
HM Puff Sleeve Top


Denim Jumpsuits– Denim is by far a classic in most fashion maven closets. But now we’re seeing it branch from the traditional blue jean to the resurgence of a 70s classic. The denim jumpsuit has made a comeback in a major way.  Modernized through colors like white and olive, some with cut off sleeves or voluminous silhouettes; it clearly transcends time into modern day. This is definitely on my wish list to purchase for summer, especially because it will make a great transition piece for fall.

HM Denim Jumpsuit


Shades of Yellow– Who couldn’t use a little sunshine during this time. Well designers alike must agree, because sunny hues are popping up everywhere. From butter yellow to chartreuse to acid neon. The key to sporting this color is selecting shades that match your skin tone. If you’re warm toned, you’re in luck; most shades will look amazing on you. Fairer skin tones are better with darker yellows like mustard. Don’t be afraid to shine this summer and add a hue of yellow into your wardrobe. 


Tie dye– With tie dye searches going up by 500% this has rapidly become a huge trend for 2020. From workout sets to dresses; you should have at least one piece of tie dye in your wardrobe. Feeling ambitious? You can easily turn your favorite tee or sweatshirt into a tie dye masterpiece using at home DIY kits. You can also utilize google and some household bleach; a super easy way to customize your piece while saving a few bucks. Check out some of my faves below.

IMG_1366 (1)


IMG_1367 (1)
Dannijo  Silk Midi  Dress
Jimmy Choo Love Pump

Strappy Sandals– This trend has carried over from last year, but is still running strong in the shoe department. We have seen many abandon the clunky and stiletto styles in favor of the strappy, (mainly low heeled) options. What’s so great about it anyway? Maybe it’s the way the barely there straps combined with moderate heel height make for the perfect juxtaposition of modern and classy. Making it a style that can be worn casual with cropped jeans or dressed up with your favorite sundress. Or how about the lace up styles. Being able to lace up your leg allows you compositionally to alter your height, a godsend for us short gals. It also allows for you to get creative with another popular trend; cinched ankle pants. You can makeshift your own by just simply tying the lace around the bottom of your pants. Anyway you lace it, I’m here for it. 

Photo: Leonie Hanne
IMG_1380 (1)
Photo: Sandra Sauceda


These are just a few of some major fun summer trends spotted thus far. After a long time quarantined, I’m sure we will see lots of fun summer styles in full effect in the coming weeks. Comment below with your favorite trend you’re excited to rock this summer.


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    • Angela Baltimore says:

      Thank you for reading Peggy. I hope you incorporate some of these trends into your summer style!

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