Michelle Obama Netflix special: BECOMING

I have accepted the fact that there is no word in the english dictionary that truly captures the essence of joy I felt watching Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s documentary Becoming, which premiered on Netflix May 6th. I mean she is truly a wonder woman. Barely 15 minutes into the documentary I felt the happy tears rising up within me. Watching the faces of people light up just as they shake her hand and share their story are one of the most beautiful moments to me. The way she finds a way to connect deeply with everyone she meets and inspire and influence people from all generations is enamouring. Becoming takes us behind the scenes of her 34 city book tour where we are also let into parts of her personal relationships and family life. Plus we are blessed with a first ever real interview from the Obama girls and they are just so well spoken and beautiful. 

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When I read the book Becoming, I didn’t realize I would eventually get to see parts of it come alive; it was something I didn’t even know I needed. Throughout the documentary we get glimpses of family moments, from sharing photos from old albums to Michelle playing tunes on the piano she grew up on taught by her Great Aunt Robbie. You can tell that she truly values family and she attributes much of who she is and who she has become to her family and foundation. 


Mrs. Obama’s book Becoming is pages and pages (400 to be exact) of life lessons. While the documentary only touches on a few of those lessons, it was still an impactful and empowering documentary that left me in awe and ready to watch again. 


Here are a few lessons that I walked away with after watching Becoming 

  • Never let anyone tell you who you are and where you are meant to go. Mrs. Obama shares that she is still salty that her high school counselor would have the audacity to tell her she was not Princeton material. Needless to see, Mrs. Obama not only proved her wrong and graduated from Princeton, but proved her wrong twice and graduated with her second degree from Harvard. Take that!
  • Never lose yourself in the life and career of another person. You can be supportive and maintain your own voice, career path, and purpose. Mrs. Obama reflects on how quickly her life was changed when Former President Barack Obama began his campaign. However, goes on to explain that she refused to lose herself in the traditional role of a First Lady and made sure to remain his equal. 
  • Focus less on stats and more on story. While your alma mater is great, your job title and salary are too; your story and where you come from matter more. Mrs. Obama tells a group of young women that you will stop being seen as just a stat once you see yourself as more than that. Once you tap into who you are, what you care about, and what truly brings you joy you will find power in that and own it. 

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