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As the Stay at Home order continues to be in effect for the majority of us, I know I am not alone when I say, “What else is there to watch?”.  We’ve done watch everything from cat memes, to slap fest to Tiger King. We have used up every free 7 day trail we could get our hands on, only to forget to cancel the subscription before the charges start and now we are paying for it, literally. But it is a small price for endless entertainment during a time that entertainment feels pretty essential.

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This one comes from Amazon Prime, Upload

upload-amazon-prime-InClub Magazine

This Prime original program creator is Greg Daniels, whose been a part of creating some of the biggest tv series of the last few decades, such as The Office, Parks and Recreation and King of the hill.Upload, stars Robbie Amell. You know the lesser known Amell, who happens to both have role in the CW’s Arrowverse. Uploadtakes place in the year 2033 and follows the life… well the afterlife of Nathan Brown who is met by his untimely death, that leads to him finding that he is allowed to ‘upload’ himself into his own choice of afterlife. I wonder what types of easter eggs and movie references, and worlds they will explore in this show. Also starring in Upload is Pitch Perfect actress Andy Allo.

My anticipation for this series is a little high on my list, the trailer was intriguing, and with Upload being a syfy comedy, I feel as though it gives Greg Daniels creative freedom to take the series in a lot of interesting directions.

Currently sitting at a solid 83% on Rotten Tomatoes it seems as though Greg may have another winner on his hands. Watch Upload on Amazon Prime.

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