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Celebrity Stylist Dorian Richburg Talks About Blending High Fashion With Streetwear, Who Inspires Him and More

At the heart of every celebrity’s wardrobe, you’ll find an innovative stylist crafting red carpet ready looks and helping their clients feel confident in their personal style. This is especially true for Dorian Richburg who has spent the last decade styling celebrities such as Serayah, Asian Doll and Javale Mcgee–just to name a few. He also owns a digital marketing service called Billboard King LLC, which offers rotating digital billboard services in over 28 different states across the country to people looking to promote their own personal campaigns. 

InClub Magazine spoke with Richburg about how his love for fashion began, what a typical day on set looks like and so much more!

Can you describe your early beginnings in fashion such as when you got your start, how you grew to love it and when you decided it was the career path for you?

Dorian Richburg: I got my start in fashion way back in 2007. I went to West Side High School in Newark, NJ. My teacher Belinda McGuire noticed my talent and really put me under her wing. I fell in love with fashion the summer before high school. My grandmother went and purchased me a sewing machine before I could even sew. I knew it was the career for me the very first moment I took that sewing machine out of the box. It was love at first stitch.

Specializing in high fashion as well as streetwear, how are you able to blend those two styles of fashion for your clients?

DR: For me, it’s all about balance. I stay true to my street style but I’m such a big believer and supporter of Black luxury so I’ll always incorporate high end brands. The mixture of the high and low [-end brands] shows who’s really able to dress! It’s about blending who you are inside and who you want the world to see. 

Dorian Richburg
Courtesy of Dorian Richburg

Are there any stylists, designers and fashion icons (past or present) that inspire you?

DR: As a kid, I was inspired by stylists like Atiba Newsome and Misa Hylton. They were the stylists for the group Bad Boys back in the 90’s and literally helped me discover my love for high-end streetwear.

What does a typical day on set look like for you?

DR: A typical day on set for me is about creating a luxurious experience for my client and my team. I order food, drinks and have a different range of music playing. It’s mostly fun on set, of course everything isn’t always perfect, but we make the best of it. 

Is there a styling experience that really stands out to you and that you’ll never forget?

DR: Yes! Styling actress Serayah from Empire will always stand out. That was my first big actress and the experience was so peaceful and down to earth. She was one of my biggest clients so far, but she was super humble. 

What advice would you offer to an up-and-coming stylist who’s looking to make their mark in the industry?

DR: As cliche as it sounds, just always keep going and stay consistent. Also, be open to constructive criticism! Don’t be afraid to assist and intern because it’ll help you to avoid all the mistakes that I’ve made. 

Is there anything else you would like to share including upcoming projects in 2022 and more about Billboard King LLC?

DR: Yes, Billboard King LLC is about to take off even further. I will be doing campaigns for big companies and helping artists with their rollouts. The best is yet to come!


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