Anthony O’Neal & The Modern Financial Renaissance : Do You Need a Dating Budget?

Humble Beginnings for Anthony O’Neal

At 19, Anthony O’Neal (AO) was homeless, in debt, and needed the transformation of a lifetime. Today, he is becoming a trusted voice in the social sphere for the singles (or marrieds), striving for incredible wealth, love, and overall wholeness. With a growing audience of 904k followers across social, I can recall the first time I engaged with AO’s content. But then, there was a viral debate on whether or not in this video, AO’s financially conscious approach was the right way to tell a woman “No” to date because it wasn’t in his budget line for dating.

I said what I said—A budget line for dating.

Modern Financial Renaissance Man

Is AO calling out in the wild for you to be a good steward of your singleness? He positions himself as a man with intention, a plan, and a budget. These were strengthened from his time spent working with Dave Ramsey as a “Ramsey Personality.”

“The Table with Anthony O’Neal” is a culmination of ideas, thoughts, mantras, and wisdom collected from his Christian faith, his mentor/mentee relationship with Ramsey and Dr. Dharius Daniels, and personal experiences. At “The Table with Anthony O’Neal,” podcast listeners or YouTube viewers get the opportunity to interact with the grounded yet enthusiastic approach of AO’s teachings.

Okay, now that’s out of the way—let me tell you all that Anthony O’Neal will quickly gather everything you thought you should be doing and quickly reveal to you what you actually should be doing.

There’s so much content to comb through — interviews with Black investors, Black entrepreneurs, Black married couples, Black singles, and everything Black-Black. Often sparking debatable conversations, AO pushes Black voices to the forefront in a way that is also seen from a familial perspective in his sister and brother-in-law ( cc: Beleaf in Fatherhood ).

It’s Beyond the Budget, It’s About Your Mind

On Mondays, he energizes our week with conversations to understand the assignment like everyone else in the land. Wrapped in indirect speaking to his cameraman, Christianese-supported rhetoric, authentic storytelling, and the convictions that may sometimes make you want to yell AMEN, he spends time pouring into his viewers for 60+ minutes weekly. Fortunately, I caught his November first stream and had to listen back to back because it was so good. Below are a few highlights

  1. “Debt is not sexy … Don’t get caught up in what looks like wealth, be committed to pursuing true wealth.”
  2. “I ain’t trying to impress you. I’m trying to impress my wife; I’m trying to impress my kids.”
  3. “The new sexy is health and wealth!”
  4. “Exercise abstinence from credit cards.”
  5. “Ownership is going to be the new normal, but you don’t own if the bank owns it.”
  6. “I am anti-other people’s money when it comes to building wealth.”
  7. “If I can’t afford to pay for it cash or I can’t afford to pay for it two times, I can’t afford it.” (Nod to Jay-Z).
  8. “The loudest voice in my head should be God’s, followed by my voice.”
    1. Sometimes cultures’ voice is the loudest.
  9. “The greatest enemy to your success is you.”

AO represents the culture, driving a mission to see Black households thrive in love, mental wellness, and massively in dividends. So if you are looking for a place to start in dating, mindset, or financial health, start here.

Ways to Connect with AO

Check out Anthony O’Neal’s FREE mindset wealth checklist. 



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