Bumble’s CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd Is A Trailblazer For Female Entrepreneurs

Whitney Wolfe Herd’s made headlines for becoming the youngest self-made female billionaire at 31-years-old. The Bumble CEO and co-founder took this mantle on February 11, when the company went public via NASDAQ.

The platform was launched in 2014 and has already taken the dating and professional networking world by storm. Wolfe Herd is a trailblazer for other young female entrepreneurs so continue reading to find out why this is and how she’s been able to accomplish this wonderful feat.

Bumble’s Unique Approach To Dating

Lots of dating apps and websites exist from eharmony to Tinder to Christian Mingle. What makes Bumble different is that it challenges traditional dating norms. Female users on the app make the first move if they want to reach out and connect with a male user.

Although there’s a feature on the app for male users to show interest in a particular woman, it’s up to her to determine whether she would like to initiate a conversation. And both users have 24 hours to respond before this connection expires.

This unique approach creates a harassment-free space for women to feel like they can truly explore their options when it comes to dating. Even in 2021, gender constructs are still very present in relationships which is what sets Bumble apart from other dating apps.

The Platform’s Evolution

Even if you’re not looking for a relationship, you can still use Bumble. In 2017, the platform launched a business vertical specifically for people looking to connect with other professionals within their career field. Wolfe Herd discussed Bumble’s evolution in an interview with CNBC shortly following the new launch.

“We did this because our users were already using the platform to network. Women were taking control of the platform to go out and find business opportunities,” she noted. “And to expand their network because they were in control of the experience. And so we built a vertical for them to do this seamlessly.”

You can also use Bumble if you’re looking to meet new friends and have more social interactions with others. So the ways that this platform can be influential in your love life, career and social life are endless.

What This Means For Female Entrepreneurs

I think this news shows that the sky’s the limit for other female entrepreneurs. Often times you see Silicon Valley giants like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg at the forefront of the tech space. But Wolfe Herd is a fresh face and voice on how technology (more specifically Bumble) can enrich our lives in a meaningful way. 

The fact that Bumble was released less than 10 years ago and has already seen this level of growth, shows that thinking outside of the box on what your product/service can offer really pays off in a short amount of time.

Going forward more success stories of female entrepreneurs like Whitney Wolfe Herd will not be surprising to see. And it’s amazing that we can all witness this shift happening in real time.

You can download Bumble on the App Store & Google Play.

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