Autism Inclusion in the Workplace

59909e103644cd1604cc875dcf4eca7fWhat is Autism? Autism Spectrum Disorder is a develomental disability. Sometimes, this disability can cause boundaries to communicating. This may cause others to perceive incorrectly. Often, individuals with Autism aren’t employed at the same levels of non-Autistic individuals. However, the following report will explore ways to include neurodiverse individuals in the workplace.

Beginning Steps:

Every human being is different and unique in their own way. This is the case with individuals with A.S.D. While some individuals may be non-verbal,  there are some who are. The differences of the Autism spectrum impacts each person differently. Obtaining better understanding is critical in creating solutions.


According to Tim Vogue a disproportionate percentage of autistic job seekers are under employed or unemployed.” 

So how does this problem get reconciled? According to Deputy Director of The First Center for Autism and Innovation, companies must understand Autism. Education is the key to having a successful and cohesive workplace. Additionally, management and staff must take sensitivity training. Training will educate and equip companies to handle scenarios that may impact Autistic individuals. Furthermore, education will decrease the usage of offensive terms like low-functioning.

 Be Open:

Companies must also be open-minded. This means accepting that new employees will not mirror current employees. Physical attributes as well as grooming preferences could be a direct result of Autism. For instance, the noise from hair clippers or a hair dryer may possibly cause anxiety. Additionally, Autistic individuals may communicate and express ideas differently. Companies will be able to maintain a cohesive and diverse work culture with an open mind.


Neurodiversity in Mind During Recruitment:

Each Autistic individual falls at a different point on the Autism spectrum. Considering this, it may be effective to have a loved one to speak with the recruiter or interviewer. The interviewer could prepare a dialogue ahead of time. The designated individual could coach the potential employee. This will enable the candidate to highlight their strengths and reduce anxiety that comes with traditional interview questions.

Additionally Interview Accommodations:

A coach or loved one should also express that little to no eye contact doesn’t mean dishonesty or disinterest. Also, there should be additional considerations such as noise and light sensitivity in the interview setting.

Autistic Individuals Can Thrive :

More companies should make a point to add inclusive practices that educate employees and welcome Autistic workers. Successful individuals that fall on the Autism spectrum include Oscar winning actor Anthony Hopkins. Also, songstress and contest winner Susan Boyle and State Legislator Yuh-Line Niou are also on the Autism spectrum. Autism isn’t merely a barrier but rather a unique testimony. Autistic individuals can and will thrive.

 Create An Autistic Safe Workplace:

  1. Committ to educating staff at all levels with accurate information that provides insight.
  2. Sensitivity training to avoid offensive language and behaviors.
  3. Be open minded. Provide headphones or a space that reduces light or noise to minimize anxiety.



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