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3 Ways Your Lifestyle Choices Affect Your Personal and Professional Success

Success is a concept that’s never one-size-fits-all. For some, success involves making strides in their career or attaining more wealth, whereas, others might look within and associate success with having peace of mind and the freedom to spend their time how they choose. And, of course, there are plenty of instances where success encompasses all of these things. Regardless of your definition of success, it’s essential to recognize how your actions and lifestyle choices foster that. Keep reading as I discuss three major areas where your choices influence the direction that your life goes in.

Your health

The saying “Health is wealth” may sound like a cliché Instagram caption, but it’s true. For you to reach your potential, it requires starting with your basic needs as a person. Tending to your mind, body and soul ensures that you aren’t chasing after goals and aspirations on an empty tank. 

For instance, it’s easy to stay up all night brainstorming various concepts and ideas for your brand when you’re in a creative zone. However, if you’re not prioritizing rest consistently, how are you going to have the energy, focus and mental clarity to execute these plans properly? 

This can be applied to plenty of other scenarios, which is why it’s important to remind yourself that your health (in all aspects) is something you have a considerable amount of control over. So, whether it’s something as simple as eating a cleaner diet or carving out time each day to pray and meditate, nourishing your entire being helps you stay grounded as you pursue your purpose.

Your daily habits

Your habits contribute to your success as they determine how your day is spent. Daily habits can range from simple things like journaling, going to the gym or making coffee to passion-driven tasks like consistently shooting images if you want to become a better photographer or sending cold pitches and emails if you’re a freelancer. 

There’s no perfect formula of habits that you fast-track your path to success. However, you can examine how current habits are impacting your growth and work on improving those areas to continue on your desired trajectory. 

Habits, which are often rooted in routine, also provide a sense of stability – even when life gets a little unpredictable. Although habits take time to cultivate and stick, you can adjust them to fit your needs at a given moment in time. Overall, exercising healthy habits daily adds up over time and puts you in the right position to experience success.

Your relationships

Whether on a personal or business level, the people around you also play a role in your success. For personal relationships, having genuine friends and/or a romantic partner in your corner goes a long way as they can help motivate you during your lowest and highest moments — and vice versa. 

On the other hand, if your personal relationships bring out negative traits such as jealousy and insecurity then you should reevaluate how the bond is hindering your ability to grow and succeed as a person and decide how you’ll move forward. 

Regarding professional relationships, connecting with like-minded individuals who are also passionate, share similar values as you and have proven expertise that you can learn from is a positive step toward achieving your goals. 

Crossing the finish line

Beyond this list, you might think of other lifestyle choices that are affecting your success in some capacity. And that’s perfectly fine because self-realization allows you to improve and turn your weaknesses into strengths. Keeping in mind that this is all a process and journey will enable you to take manageable steps toward creating a life where your decisions are propelling you forward instead of holding you back.

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