10 Practical Ways to Be More Sustainable

Planet Earth is the place we call home. Since it is our home, we must do all we can to care for it. There are practical ways to implement sustainability into your lifestyle. According to a report by Carl Safina for Yale University “Humans have altered about 70 percent of Earth’s land and ocean.”Also, there are a million species that are near extinct. Soil, water, air, pollination and the quality of natural resources have all gone down. So What can be done about it? Plenty!!

Conserve Energy:

To decrease toxins released into the atmosphere decrease your use of electricity, buy a Tesla! No, just kidding! Of course there are other ways to reduce your carbon footprint and conserve energy. Sustainability can be as simple as bike ride or carpool to work a few times a week. When you feel a little chill in your home you can wear socks as opposed to turning up the heat. Also, if you own your home consider installing solar panels. Solar panels allow for you to use electronics in your home from the natural energy emitted from the sun. Apparently, the costs of solar panels are going down. Your savings will be determined by the amount of energy you use and how many panels you will need. To do this research and consult with a professional to see if this is a step you can take.

Go Paperless:

Opt to receive your important utility bills online as opposed to paper bills. This will reduce the amount  of paper that you discard. Contact retailers that you don’t frequent to be removed from their advertisement list. These options will help efforts to save trees.

Compost Food & Yard Waste:

Food and yard waste make up at least 30 percent of what we throw away.” Left overs from vegetables, fruit, coffee grounds, leaves and twigs can be used in compost. Compost will get added into your yard or garden to supplement your soil. Compost can also be donated if you are unable to put it to good use yourself. Teabags, eggshells, nut shells, wood chips and shredded newspaper can also be used in compost. However, be sure to have a good balance of fruit and vegetable scraps and water.

Use Less Water:

Improve socioeconomic development by conserving water. Humans need water to lead healthy lives. Without water the human body is less likely to fight diseases and maintain a functioning immune system. Conserve water by completely turning off faucets when they aren’t being used. Other simple ways to conserve water are to fix any leaking or cracked pipes and stop your toilet from running.

Say No to Plastic:

Are you really ready to commit to sustainability? Avoid purchasing bottled water. Plastic bottles don’t break down and sit in landfills when they aren’t recycled. Instead, buy a water filter to add onto your faucet. Additionally, you can use boxes, buy reusable bags for your groceries or sew bags from old garments.

Upcycle Old Clothes:

Get creative with those jeans you’ve been waiting to get back into! Re-purpose old clothes while crafting! Or add embellishments and patches to slightly ripped and worn garments.  If you have clothes you will never wear again, donate them to a shelter, a loved one or a second hand store.

Promote Recycling at Work:

If your job doesn’t recycle, suggest that they start! Check to see if the town where you work has a recycling center where they give free recycling bins. If your job does recycle, discourage coworkers from tossing recyclable items into the trash. A small guilt trip won’t hurt if that’s what it takes to save planet Earth from a tumultuous reckoning.

Grow Your Own Produce:

Growing your own produce is another step toward sustainability. With a private garden of your own, there is no use of pesticides. Pesticides that are typically used during the agricultural process pollutes the air with toxins. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, put modern technology to work by watching videos and researching tips.

Support Companies that Produce Responsible Recycled Goods:

Everyone loves to shop! So here’s an idea, while you’re shopping you can shop with companies who make quality products from recycled materials. 2° East makes quality and fashionable watches from recycled plastic bottles. The bands are interchangeable to allow different looks. If you’re an explorer that needs a new backpack or wallet shop Allegorie. The brand makes accessories from recycled apple and mango peels. Shopping with these brands such as these is a good start toward reducing waste and eliminating land fills.

Reduce Your Consumption of Meat:

Moving forward, reducing your meat intake is also a practical step toward sustainability. Through reducing meat consumption we could add years to the lives of cattle. The Economic Research Service reports alarming rates of increasing meat consumption. Reports also show a steady increase from 2012. Unfortunately, trends don’t show consumption decreasing. However, we can save animals that face extinction with conscious efforts to eat less meat.

Let’s get serious about the present so there can be a future here on Earth. How will you commit to making Earth greener ?


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