Sustainable Gift Guide of 2021

It’s the holiday season, and shoppers are looking to buy gifts that are both fun and reusable. With the winter weather being unusually warm in December, many have wondered what are some sustainable items on the market worth giving.

Eco-friendly gifts have become a popular topic for consumers. Whether their motive may be to save turtles by using fewer plastic straws, or ridding the earth of water bottle avalanches, here are quick pick-up items to consider. 

1. Metal Straws

Yes, they made our list. Reusable straws are not only great for the environment creating less waste and animal endangerment, but they also are easy to clean and carry on the go.

Why metal? Stainless steel is both durable and sturdy to use for any of your favorite drinks. It is a better choice than paper straws that fall apart quickly, and these won’t easily chip off like others. 

If you want to explore a list of brands to compare, check out this article from Wirecutter.

2. Greener Cookware

Next in the lineup is an item similar to the first but can serve multiple functions for a job well done. We step into the kitchen for a gift that never gets old and you guessed it––eco-friendly pots and pans.

There may not be a better gift than this to give to a family cook, parent, or newly wedded couple.

A quality cooking set provides for years of homemade fine dining and truly becomes an ally to anyone who enjoys whipping up a dish. It can prevent food from sticking to the pans, and less frustration of your dinner burning every night.

You can find a great price for cookware in local stores near you. This guide by the Spruce Eats was recently updated with prices ranging from high to low, all depending on your budget.

3. Glass Water Bottles

Oh, how refreshing it is to take in a tall glass of water. No matter what season it is, anyone can appreciate a strong reusable bottle (dishwasher friendly).

Glass bottles are more favorable for most shoppers due to their ability to clean fully, maintain an authentic taste to drinks, and are long-lasting (minus breaks but we all make mistakes).

The best part about this gift is your stress-free worry of any harmful chemicals being released into the environment if it ever gets lost, tossed, or overheated.

A fun interactive experience to help you select the perfect bottle can be found on Refinery29.

4. Fashionable & Reusable Bags

We could not leave this one out. If you live anywhere like Philadelphia, which launched its plastic bag ban on Oct. 1st, then you probably understand why this gift will have friends and family loving you for years to come.

Urban cities around the U.S. are considering a similar approach to reducing single-use plastic bags from their streets, and with that comes the requirement to carry your own reusable bags to stores and supermarkets.

With a new mandate in place, why not be a bit fashionable? These bags are now here to stay, so minus well show some personality while you shop.

To help you find a matching bag as a gift this holiday season, turn to no other than Eco Bags’ online store as they showcase many options to choose from. 

5. Homemade Soaps & Bath Sets

You or a loved one should not have to worry about what ingredients went into your self-care product. One way to avoid unwanted burdens is to buy organic.

A homemade product like soap or body wash is trustworthy for its natural ingredients, and it allows you to simultaneously support local.

Some owners like to honor eco-friendly shoppers entirely and so they package their products in biodegradable material. If you are interested in this type of gift, check out these 15 selections from Going Zero Waste.


Still undecided? You can also look into eco-friendly journals for any writers or artists, and for any tasty treats this winter, consider using silicone baking mats.

Please note this guide does not consist of items from greatest to least but simply used a numerical structure.

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