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World Health Day: 4 Ways to Show Support for Black Nurses

Black nurses have been an integral part of helping to slow the spread of COVID. Although medical workers are coping with the immense stress and emotional trauma, they miraculously remain balanced. 

They are our frontline heroes. However, as Black nurses continue to push forward and dedicate themselves to their patients, many are forced to ask themselves, “Who will take care of me?”

Many Black nurses find themselves seeking security, as they often feel little to no support from White colleagues.

 These individuals are helping to save lives while working in highly high-stress situations. Despite this, they continue to strive to work for their community and focus on their responsibilities. 

However, when faced with this intense stress, poor mental health, and no support system, many nurses begin to wonder if anyone cares about them. 

Here are four ways Black nurses can help to support each other to create a healthy, positive, and uplifting work environment:

Care for each other

Come to know and understand your co-workers from a culturally informed perspective. This will make for a more productive and healthy workspace. Many of your Black co-workers could be dealing with mental or emotional trauma while enduring high levels of stress from isolation at work. Listen to them without judgment. 

Speak up

If you see a disserving act occur amongst fellow nurses, bring it to attention. Any injustice to a patient or nurse (such as toxicity, racial slurs, or racial bias) is a threat to a positive work environment.

Be patient and pleasant.

 As a nurse, you are in charge of caring for your patients and fellow nurses. Try to go through your shift with a smile on your face. Regardless of your situation, it’s essential to try to be positive throughout the day. After work, then be sure to relax, vent, recharge, and relieve any stress.

No Gossip

Gossip is toxic; stay away from this. Buzz is only spread from a perceived thought by someone else’s belief, and there is a good chance it holds no truth. Instead of focusing on false perceived notions, put to be a supportive teammate. 

This will help to gain trust because gossip breaks trust with other colleagues. 

Instead of becoming skeptical if the gossip said holds truth, use the reasonable judgment of character choose kindness practice kindness.

For instance, ask your nursing colleagues if they need any help with their patient or task.


Working together as a team means understanding how to communicate clearly and effectively with your teammates, including doctors, fellow nurses, and patients. 

This can only be done when everyone feels equally supported. 

This will ultimately build a more robust, healthier work environment and help us achieve the goal of World Health Day; create a healthier world where everyone has access to the care they need.

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