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Father’s Day, For Those With An Absent Father………

For me personally, this was a PRETTY TOUGH piece to write,and for good reason! You know, it’s hard to put into words the thoughts that I fathom on and the feelings I just cant shake nor forsake when it comes to THIS particular day. For as long as I can remember, Father’s Day is one […]

FRANKEY SMITH Our resident Nerdist and fantastic geek,


known affectionately as Fantastic Frankey, FRANKEY SMITH is breaking down barriers, one comic and iconic character analyst at a time. Frankey is a official Facebook culture creator is one of the few Black female voices giving social commentary (New York style) on all things anime, pop culture, and sci-fi. Basically she’s dope af. What’s really […]

Aunyea Lachelle


AUNYEA LACHELLE is a lifestyle & entertainment reporter for NBC10 Philadelphia. She joined NBC10 in July 2019 and enjoys showing viewers the amazing, hidden gems of what Philly has to offer. During her time at NBC10, Lachelle has covered a variety of subjects, from highlighting local businesses and owners during the Coronavirus pandemic to interviewing sports […]

Upload on Amazon Prime

upload_amazon_prime-inclub magazine

As the Stay at Home order continues to be in effect for the majority of us, I know I am not alone when I say, “What else is there to watch?”.  We’ve done watch everything from cat memes, to slap fest to Tiger King. We have used up every free 7 day trail we could […]