RoboBurger Is Giving Jersey City a Taste of the Future of Fast Food

Ever wanted to buy fast food without the long lines or the possibility of your order getting mixed up? You’re in luck because there’s a vending machine that offers you a fresh, juicy cheeseburger in about six minutes. An invention called RoboBurger is the world’s first fully autonomous robotic burger chef and has officially made its way to Jersey City, NJ.

Keep reading to learn more about this buzzing fast food innovation and where exactly you can try it out for yourself!

What is RoboBurger?

Imagine your favorite burger joint condensed into a 12-square-foot machine with a fridge, automated griddle and cleaning system. That’s essentially what RoboBurger is.

“RoboBurger is an artificially intelligent, self-operating, patented kitchen designed to include all the processes of a restaurant at a fraction of the size,” a press release from the company stated.

This Newark-based company started in 2019. However, Audley Wilson (co-founder, CEO and the machine’s inventor) says this robot burger chef concept has been in the works for a while. “I started RoboBurger in my garage 17 years ago. Now there couldn’t be a better time to bring it to life and have everyone experience it,” he said in the press release.


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Wilson runs the company alongside partners Dan Braido and Andy Siegel and creative director Teo Wilson. Together the RoboBurger team’s goal is to use their passion for engineering, robotics and burgers to make better food. Above all, the goal is to make it more accessible as well. At $6.99 a burger, customers can expect to receive high-quality fast food.

“RoboBurger gives everyone freshly grilled, delicious burgers—while ensuring a safe, contactless experience. RoboBurger always comes out piping hot and is never pre-cooked and kept warm,” Wilson added.

See the machine use a five-step cooking process to whip up a delicious burger in six minutes.

Where is This Robot Burger Chef Located?

RoboBurger unveiled its very first location in Newport Mall in downtown Jersey City back in March of this year. Currently, the company is looking to expand throughout the Tri-state area to airports, offices, college campuses, and hospitals.

This, in turn, will bring economic opportunities to Newark—the location of their headquarters and where they assemble the RoboBurger units. “We’re on a mission to bring investments and create local tech jobs to help the community grow from within,” the company’s website states.

In addition, for more news and updates on RoboBurger, be sure to visit their website and follow their Instagram and Facebook.

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