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Michelle Obama launches ” The Michelle Obama Podcast”

March 19, 2019,

Former First Lady Michelle Obama was a guest on my favorite podcast, Conan O’Brien needs a friend. The former FLOTUS was cautiously optimistic about being Conan’s friend, the episode was a delight. Mrs. Obama, on a podcast that features only one of comedies national treasures, that is Conan O’Brien; But a podcast that also has a lengthy guest list of comedy heavy weights. Comedians such as Dana Carvey, Lisa Kudrow, Bill Hader and Bob Newhart.

Conan O’brien-Michelle Obama

Even with all those comedy giants that I mentioned, episode 18 with Michelle Obama stands to be one of the most memorable, and entertaining.  Though Michelle has moved on, for many, she is still the FLOTUS for the culture. Michelle shares on Conan’s podcast, though she is proud of the work her and President Obama accomplished during their 2 terms, she has no desire to work in politics. Michelle said she believes she can do more without having an R, or a D tagged on her. President Obama, joking, sort of, once said, had he been able to do another term, he would not, because Michelle would leave him.

President Obama-Michelle obama

But the joke made it very clear that the mic drop moment for our forever First Lady, had been done and she was ready to move on. Move on she did.

Michelle Obama has been on quite the championship run. If you won rings in the game of life, Mrs. Obama would be 3-peating.


Michelle is a unanimous MVPFL,’ Most Valuable First Lady’ of all time. She irrevocably transforms the office of First Lady, so much so that when the current First Lady, seems to be more of what the traditional First Lady’s were, it is looked at with confusion.

Traditionally the First Lady were viewed more in line with the prom queen. Sure she gave the occasion speech, but it was more about what she is wearing and how pretty she is.

Michelle Obama, though she was met with those same pointless expectations, and crush them by the way, she acted more like a Dean then a prom queen and really transformed the role. She did it with grace, intelligence and with fun.

Michelle Obama 1

Mrs. Obama might have outworked every First Lady that came before her, being one of the most involved first ladies in our history. Accompanying that hard work was beauty, and witty banter, that could rival Conan O’Brien himself or any late night host for that matter.


While the first lady she shaped the global conversation around childhood obesity with her Let’s Move! Program. In Addition to starting the Let’s Move program Michelle also spearheaded the Let Girls Learn and Reach Higher  programs to make tremendous waves in the lives of young people, and young women.

Michelle-Obama-Let's Move!

With so many great accomplishments Michelle is done with the office of first lady and will not be running for president. But she has been promoted to something that may just leave as big of an impression.

From authoring the best-selling book Becoming,and a world-wide tour that brought, tears of healing and joy and enjoyable moments with a lot of laughs. Then having said book, adapted into a Netflix original.


Now Michelle Obama has decided to firmly plant her hard to fill shoes for any first lady to follow, into a new podcast. Yes, Michelle Obama just launched a new podcast with Spotify ahead of the November election. She’s focusing specifically on relationships “that make us who we are” — and we can’t wait to give it a listen.


In a Twitter post, she said, “It’s been a tough year,” and she hopes to “help us explore what we’re going through and spark new conversations with our loved ones.” Read full

According to A Woman’s place, Michelle Obama in a global survey, earned the title of

“Most admired woman.”

On her recent book tour, she packed stadiums and arenas, proving that she can turn out people en masse. Much like her appearance on the Conan O’Brien podcast, we know we can anticipate a great pod, with heart, and humor. Michelle always finds the perfect words for the most tweet-able moments, and her always authentic, and passionate self is always on full display. This pod is going to be the buzz of the internet especially with so much on the line this November. Michelle Obama could have a major impact on the outcome of the 2020 election with her large platform – And many of us are counting on it.


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