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Is Eating Outside During Coronavirus Pandemic Safe?

Should green really mean go in the thick of a pandemic that is continuously spreading daily? While turning to socially distance limited seating, the restaurant industry is looking for a miracle to survive this Covid-19 pandemic. But is it really safe to dine out yet?

Our worlds have shifted since the onset of the Covid-19 quarantine and people want out now that all states are allowing people to eat at restaurants outside. Many people are saying that they work so they can live, and have missed dining out terribly. What can’t be ignored is the amount of increased corona cases amongst 41 states since outside dining has been approved.


Dining In A Hotspot…Or Not?

Experts were asked by “Good Morning America:” Is dining outside really safe? Although it’s not the popular answer, all seven experts answered “no.” What the U.S. is continuing to see is that failing to understand and contain the outbreak is due to an under-appreciation of basic science.

“In a hotspot state, everybody needs to be doing what they can to reduce the spread of the virus … that means social distancing, masks, all of the things that are really hard to do when you’re eating out,” said Dr. Anne Rimoin, an epidemiology professor at UCLA.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is a higher risk posed the more an individual image0 (1)interacts with others, and the longer the interaction occurs. Many of the experts agreed that opting for take-out was a much safer option since both indoor and outdoor dining can pose a moderate to high risk of spreading Covid-19.

What about Low Covid-19 Transmission Areas?

Though the responses were a tad split unevenly with this question, two of the experts responses was still, “no” when asked, “Would you dine out in an area with low rates of transmissions?”

“You’re still interacting with the waitress or waiter, and then you’re also still nearby whoever you are dining with,” Dean said. However 5 of the experts said they would pick and choose caveats to eat at in those areas.

“I think we have to consider individual risk,” said Dr. Todd Ellerin, the director of infectious diseases at South Shore Health. “If you are at high risk for severe disease … then you really cannot afford to acquire this infection.”

One thing that the experts all agree on is that you should make sure that the restaurant you decide to dine out at, encourage social distancing — at least six feet between guests — and have all staff members and guest not eating are wearing face coverings.

The spread of the corona virus mimics the accelerating climate-related disaster by showing us the direct impact of Covid when we decide to blind ourselves to science.

Ellerin urges that the most important precautions to consider are those sitting at your table. “Ideally, you would like those people to be in your bubble,” he said.

Weigh in on this article because we want to know your thoughts. Is science influencing your ability to dine-out these days? Leave a comment below.

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