King Richard film, young queens shine bright

King Richard is a biographical drama based on the real life event of Richard Williams, the father of the two biggest tennis stars of all time;Venus and Serena Williams.




King Richard cast includes Aunjanue Ellis, of Love Craft Country.

Aunjanue plays Brandy Price, Venus and Serena’s mother.

Jon Bernthal, from Marvel’s The Punisher is playing tennis coach legend Rick Macci and Will Smith is in the title role as King Richard.

15 year old actress Saniyaa Sidney and 14 year old Demi Singleton are playing Venus and Serena Williams.

Warner Bros. KING RICHARD Premiere Screening, AFI Fest 2021, TCL Chinese Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA – 14 Nov 2021
KING RICHARD cast and crew.


Lets not forget about the Beyonce track titled Alive.

Tennis players Venus and Serena Williams pose in 1991 in Compton
372178 06: FILE PHOTO: Richard Williams, center, with his daughters Venus, left, and Serena 1991 in Compton, CA. Serena and Venus Williams will be playing against each other for the first time July 6, 2000 in the tennis semifinals at Wimbledon. (Photo by Paul Harris/Online USA)


King Richard as the world would come to know him real name is Richard Williams. The legend of King Richard starts with a 78-page vision that he would go great lengths to ensure the world would see.




King Richard is the culmination of every reason why we go to the theater to see movies.

King Richard played by the Oscar nominated actor, Will Smith is really brought to life.

Richard never feels like he takes a backseat to the movie star. We only saw Richard, much to Will’s credit.  The movie’s drama swells up at a number of different moments early in the film.

It does a great job of helping us see the world through the lens of a Black family from Compton, CA.



The family dynamic is rich and that only increases as the film progresses. The pacing is perfectly run, and every character brings a level of charm and well timed humor that will have you inspired and rooting for the entire family.



The stakes of the film constantly feel high and unpredictable. Aunjanue’s performance really fills the movie out never feeling like an afterthought. She commands every scene she is in. King Richard makes it a point to ensure that the would be superstar tennis players mother was recognized for her hand in the shaping of Venus and Serena.



Jon Berthal had the hard task of playing Rick Macci; the tennis obsessed guru who would come to love Richard and the girls deeply. Did I mention Jon got to rock the coolest mustache of all time?



Demi Singleton is amazing as young Serena Williams. Her ability to make it feel effortless, it was as if we were watching old home video of the girls. Demi shows flashes of greatness and her ability to emote; powerful moments with no dialogue was incredible.



And now, about the one who ran away with the film; Saniyya Sidney. Oh my goodness!

Saniyya is a lefty (like myself) and Ned Flanders and learned to play tennis with her off hand. She diddly, doodly, did justice to the character of young Venus. The young actress demonstrated every range of emotion in truly moving fashion cementing her acting chops. Highlighted in a pivotal moment where Saniyya is in a scene opposite of Will Smith. Depicting Venus’s frustration at the stubbornness of her father and the performance in this scene is beautiful.


From acting with her face to how she uses her voice. Saniyya delivers the lines and it breaks your heart, you feel how she feels.


Saniyya brings Venus to life, and lights up the scene with her performance throughout the film.

Saniyya’s performance elevates this family drama into an inspiring story about courage and heart.  King Richard is a reminder that even with a master plan it ultimately takes belief in oneself to achieve those goals.

King Richard is a must see, in large part to queen Saniyya Sidney aka Little Venus.

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