First Date Ideas: COVID-19 Friendly

Going on a first date is already nerve-racking enough, but now with the extra worry and stress surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, it makes dating more of an obstacle course.

On top of the ordinary things to worry about — like, will you guys hit it off, or what should you wear, now you also have to deal with added challenges, especially whether or not you should meet virtually or in person.

However, a global pandemic doesn’t mean you can’t meet someone new and have a fun first date. Step away from the tedious Zoom calls that feel like a job interview and plan a creative but safe date.

Here are some COVID Safe first date suggestions


If you aren’t comfortable and are avoiding restaurants, a walk in the park with food is a chill and intimate first date. On this date, each person makes or brings a food item for the other, and then you trade. This can be fun if you know nothing about the other’s tastes or preferences or could be tailored to your date’s favorite dishes or snacks if you discuss preferences before the date.


See if your date has a heart of gold while still getting to know each other phase. Volunteering can be COVID friendly — from organizing a local food drive to picking up trash in a park. Having a volunteering date pushes people outside their comfort zones, where personal growth can also bloom from the date. Click here to find out some opportunities in your neighborhood.

Escape Room

Escape rooms are now available virtually and in person. If you want to experience in person, they provide a safer option where you share the room only with your group’s people.

This activity is fun, challenging, and involves working together- a perfect way to interact on a first date. You can solve puzzles and find clues to “escape” a themed room. You get to have a shared experience where teamwork is implicated and creating space for a conversation after the activity.

If interested in finding a virtual or in-person escape room, enter your desired location into the escape room finder.

Virtual cooking class

The internet is filled with virtual cooking classes. You can support one another around the world food dishes and either burn the food or make a delicious meal. Either way, you will be doing it together, and it is a great way to let creative juices flow. They’re also very affordable, with some starting under $25 per person.

Watch a movie using Netflix Party

The time is now to try Netflix Party. This browser extension lets you and your date watch movies simultaneously and discuss what’s going on in the film as if you were sitting right next to them on the couch. Kick back and enjoy. Plus, we all know movie selections say a lot about a person.




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