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Marsai Martin is producing a new Disney show with a mainly Black cast, and we are here for it


Marsai Martin is producing a new Disney show with a mainly Black cast, and we are here for it Marsai Martin, who is the youngest Hollywood executive producer, now has a go-ahead from Disney to produce a Disney Channel original comedy series called Saturdays. According to Deadline, Martin (who is just 16) will produce the first episode for Saturdays under her […]

Naomi Osaka withdraws from French Open


“I never wanted to be a distraction and I accept that my timing was not ideal,” said the young tennis star.   Tennis powerhouse Naomi Osaka has just announced that she’s withdrawing from the French Open. This is less than a week after she made headlines by not wanting to speak to press during the […]

4 Magnifying Skincare Tips For Black Men


Smooth and clear skin is something that everyone aspires to have. Taking care of your skin is necessary, and it’s different and unique to everyone. But, there are specific steps and rules that men, especially our Black men, may not know to set them up on a journey to great skin. Black men are more […]

2022 Golden Globes Cancelled: NBC Won’t Air Ceremony As Controversy Continues


The Popular network NBC has canceled the 2022 Golden Globe Awards due to boycotts by Hollywood studios against the HFPA. The bold and shocking move is one that comes as a surprise  for many, giving its longevity of the program. But for years the Globes have been in question about their lack of diversity in […]

Oscars 2021: Who Were The Winners


It’s been a while since the last Academy Awards ceremony (14 1/2 months) and in a year that put everything on hold, the Oscar finally happened last night. Even though COVID-19 almost ended the movie theater experience in 2020, very memorable films did find their way to your screens through ways of streaming services like Netflix, […]

A breakdown on Earth Day and why Black People Should Care


Today is a global celebration; Earth Day, a day in which we reflect and appreciate our environment and think about ways that we can help keep our planet keep pushing.   Although Gaylord Nelson, a Wisconsin senator, was the creator of Earth Day in which he was inspired from anti-war protests of the 1960s, Did you know that […]

April Brings New Movies to Streaming Platforms


Month to month, loads of new movies and TV shows get to have a new home. Rather it’s Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Disney+ or Hulu, there’s bound to be a subscriber watching. We understand with so many streaming platforms, it can be hard to keep track and know when new films or shows arrive —especially […]

First Date Ideas: COVID-19 Friendly


Going on a first date is already nerve-racking enough, but now with the extra worry and stress surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, it makes dating more of an obstacle course. On top of the ordinary things to worry about — like, will you guys hit it off, or what should you wear, now you also have […]

Instagram Reels vs. TikTok: Adapting to social media marketing features

Instagram Reels vs. TikTok: Adapting to social media platforms

TikTok has been killing the social media game for quite some time, but a new platform is on the block: Instagram Reels. Instagram Reels were introduced late last summer and seemed to be right up TikTok’s alley. TikTok is a fan favorite, but Instagram reels are becoming popular with many brands and influencers using this feature. […]

Say What?! New York Will Be The First State To Roll Out COVID-19 Vaccine ‘Passports’


With time passing by and the wary trust from the American people, Lawmakers and scientists think it’s the best time to roll out and develop a COVID-19 “passport” that will make it faster and easier for businesses to verify a customer’s vaccination or testing status before allowing them in the establishment. First state on the list? New […]