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Ease Your Mind with These 5 COVID Safe At Home Activities

Life during COVID has been challenging. We’ve been stuck in our homes, and anxiety for many of us has been a constant flare-up.

But do not go crazy with loss of interest, anxiety, stress, or boredom. Create a hobby; this way, there is an outlet to balance pressure from work, school, and home life. The essential concept to these activities is to be of in the present.

 To help better cope with the current way of life, here are 5 COVID safe indoor activities to indulge to allow yourself some grace:

 Explore yourself

Take time for self-care to learn and explore yourself. Find out what your passions are. You could try out making fruit smoothies, yoga, journaling, reading on natural fitness, and cultural studies.

These indoor hobbies will help improve your well-being. To alleviate stress, low moods, or depressions, making you more relaxed.

Disconnect from social media

Get away from the drama and be a part of the world more. Move away from the negative media news. Disconnecting from social media will enable you to alleviate stress.

Try taking evening or morning walks, jogs around your neighborhood blocks and parks. Even listening to your favorite music while you exercise helps you relax your mind while your body remains active moves.

Play relaxing music

Find yourself a cozy, quiet spot or corner in your living room or bedroom and put on soft music, jazz, meditation, or nature sounds.

Practice this for about 15-20 minutes 2 to 3 times a week.

Music therapy has various mental benefits that help with processing emotions and managing stress. It’s an excellent tool or calling agency for anxiety.


Journaling is a healthy habit to adopt. It is essential to know how to express yourself and your feelings.

Journaling is also a healthy tool for coping with anxiety and stress. Why? It helps improve your mood: prioritizing problems, fears, and concerns.

Journaling helps keep track of symptoms, understand what triggers them, and better control anxiety. Journaling is an opportunity for positive self-talk and identifying and releasing negative thoughts. It will vastly improve your well-being.

Cleaning and organizing

Aim to keep your living space tidy and organized, like your cleaning laundry or your room. The cleaner your living space is, the better your mindful balance becomes.

Cleaning helps your thought process stay straightforward and productive during highly stressful and anxious times like COVID.

Remember, the key to these hobbies is to help stay centered, safe, and balanced. Cleaning helps relieve stress, anxiety, and blow of steam.



Now, the next time you are home, welcome yourself to enjoy such pleasure. Any of these activities are fun and relaxing at any time of the day. These hobbies aim to ultimately find your balance between mind and body function together in balanced energy while retrieving stress and anxiety. All activities will help you be of the present.

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