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Amazon Prime Members Can Now Enjoy One Year’s Worth of Free Grubhub+ Perks

Amazon Prime and Grubhub are joining forces to offer loyal customers even more worthwhile (and delicious) perks. The two companies announced a new partnership. The partnership allows Prime members in the U.S. to now enjoy a free, one-year Grubhub+ membership trial. This means no delivery fees on eligible orders.

Details on Grubhub and Amazon Prime’s Partnership

Ariella Kurshan, Senior Vice President of Growth, Grubhub, offered comments in a company press release highlighting the significance of this partnership.

“Both Grubhub and Amazon have transformed people’s lives by providing them with unprecedented choice and convenience,” she says. “With the new Grubhub and Amazon offering, Prime members now can enjoy free delivery from hundreds of thousands of restaurants across the country, when they sign up for a year of free Grubhub+.”

The partnership is exciting for Prime members. They can bask in the benefits of Grubhub+ at no extra cost to their membership. It also offers a financial upside for local restaurants where members will be ordering their favorite meals.

“According to our recent restaurant industry data report, 72 percent of consumers surveyed report using Grubhub to discover new restaurants. And with Grubhub and Amazon bringing even more options to Prime members, making sure your restaurant is discoverable is crucial to driving sales and sustainable growth for your restaurant’s takeout and delivery program,” a statement on Grubhub’s website reads.

This announcement comes right before Amazon’s annual sales event better known as Prime Day. Prime Day is July 12 to July 13. “Being able to give Prime members one year of Grubhub+ and no delivery fees from restaurants is our way of saying ‘thank you’,” Jamil Ghani, Vice President, Amazon Prime, says.

How To Activate This Free Grubhub+ Perk

Amazon Prime members can activate their Grubhub+ benefit right away by visiting

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