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BOSS Up’s Entrepreneurship Summit was a hit

“Boss up is a way of life. When you boss up you stop thinking of yourself as a consumer and start thinking of yourself as a producer.” – Dr. Michael H Casson Jr, Director of University Center for Economic Development and International Trade at Delaware State University. 


This past weekend, Boss UP held its first entrepreneurship & social change virtual summit attracting thousands of young and next-generation entrepreneurs across the country. Boss Up’s goal with this summit was to empower entrepreneurs of all ages and all niches. Teaching viewers how to connect and create profitable businesses and products that promote social change. And Boss up did just that. Sponsored by Wells Fargo, National Urban League, The Gathering Spot, and The Orchard this event was highly anticipated.

The Rap Snacks foundationBoss Up” is on a mission to spread the spirit of entrepreneurship to young people providing them with the education, strategy, and business planning for them to be successful. Boss Up’s “initiative is a real-world experiential entrepreneurship program that walks participants from the point of their passions and dreams to the business plan, activation, and achievement.” Boss Up provides a plethora of resources for anyone and everyone who has a passion to produce and create.

Founder of Rap Snacks James Lindsey works by bridging the gap with business and culture to promote influential social change in the African American community and communities of color. Starting in 1994, James was able to put his product on the map and collaborate with the biggest names in hip-hop. As a speaker in the first panel, Entrepreneurial Mindset, Lindsey states that you must love what you do. As someone who “loves snack foods” he was able to grow his business and create The Rap Snacks Foundation.

Celebrity Panelist come together for Boss Up Summit

The virtual summit headlined 16 black experts and creatives in 6 different panels, giving hopeful people free tips and knowledge on how to get started in whatever field of interest.  Celebrities Master P, E40, Rick Ross, and Pinky from Slutty Vegan were some of the experts featured in this event.  The 6 different panels included crafting the entrepreneurial mindset, mental health, financial empowerment, financial literacy, Tech, and music.

Common themes of the summit were to understand that a profitable business comes from an unwavering passion, authenticity, and willingness to collaborate with others to build community. Those tuning in got a chance to learn from the best in the business by learning from their past mistakes, getting ahead in the game, establishing a brand, staying on top of trends, connecting with resources, and then paying it forward to help the next person up.

“When it comes to being an entrepreneur there are different stages before you actually start spending paper,” says hip hop mogul Rick Ross addressing the need to have that Boss Up mindset, ” Knowledge is at the top of the list and then have a genuine love for it and that is what is going to separate you from your competitors.” 

Over 2,000 people streamed the online virtual event where it was available live on The Gathering Spot’s Youtube channel.



A full list of Boss Ups panelist experts:


Pannel 1: Entrepreneurial Mindset focusing on building the creative mindset


James Lindsey, Founder of CEO of RapSnacks 

Pinky Cole, Founder of plant-based burger chain Slutty Vegan 

Rick Ross, hip-hop mogul 


Panel 2: Mental health tips and techniques to help entrepreneurs thrive


Esther Rodriguez Brown, Ego Living Friendly 

Erica Michelle, I am rooted 

Dr. Linton Williams, Every Child Can Learn


Panel 3: Financial Empowerment


Leon Howard, The wall street Trapper 

Kevon Chisholm, Black Wallstreeter Consultation Services

Master P and Romeo Miller, Father, and Son: Hip Hop Moguls


Panel 4:  Financial literacy/Banking 

James Elam Principal, Managing Member at Elamental

Leon Howard, Personal banker with Wells Fargo and basketball commissioner 


Panel 5: Tech and Big Tech


Jai Manselle, The King of branding 


Cedric, Co-Founder, and CEO of Culture Genesis


Panel 6: Music and Arts

Shari Bryant, co-president of Rock Nation 

E40, hip mogul 

Julis J Ivring, Human Re Sources

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