No Degree, No Problem! Here Are Tech Jobs You Can Land

Trying to find the right job may sometimes feel like a hassle. Moreso, if the college system is not a good fit for you or an option worth taking.

In this first edition of No Degree, No Problem!, InClub highlights a growing number of positions on-demand, a person interested in the tech industry can pursue and launch a fulfilling career. Roles on this list can either be self-taught or learned through the guidance of a mentor. In most cases, people enter these positions with little experience and further develop their skills through practice.

A degree may assist most people with back-end information, but it by far does not determine their future. This guide features tech jobs that are both degree-free and high paying if you remain diligent.


Web Developer

These online organizers love clean appearances, simplicity, and outside-the-box thinking. With a handy designer’s eye, web developers are the go-to people who can make nearly any content look good while making it function properly. While most developers are well-rounded in skill, this role divides into three avenues for a steady career; frontend, backend, and full-stack web development.

National average salary: $60,000


Data Analyst

Mathmatricans possibly will exceed in this role. Data analysts love numbers, metrics, and noticing patterns in trends and insights. They make decisions based on reason and facts to support their plans. Someone in this position is valuable to every team or organization that seeks improvement and increased engagement.

National average salary: $61,166


Software Engineer

Quite knowledgeable in computer science, software engineers are familiar with coding and programming languages that establish system structures and firmware. The level of work can range from basic operations to complex networks.

National average salary: $86,730




Graphic Designer

Commonly known as our artsy peers, graphic designers bring a flare to concepts/ideas in a team setting. Sometimes with few words or directions, they are the people who can see the big picture on how to present a project or initiative best. 

National average salary: $45,958


Digital Marketer

This person speaks the language of user impressions and measurable goals; digital marketers specialize in online campaigns and product promotions. They study behavior patterns and make predictions about what people might find appealing. Skillset may range from communications to analytics.

National average salary: $50,276


Cybersecurity Specialist

They bear a great responsibility for data protection and secured networks. Whether working as a freelancer or part of a company, cybersecurity specialists are reliable sources to spot security risks and maneuver against cyber attacks in the workplace.

National average salary: $67,449


Online career sites, Indeed and Monster, support the research shown and were approved by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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