10 Black Journalists You Should Be Following

Speaking truth to power is key in journalism. This is even more the case for black journalists and writers. Organizations like The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) have been advocating for writers and reporters within the community for decades. 

And as a black-owned media outlet, it’s important for us to do the same. So here’s a list of 10 Black journalists you should be following. Whether you love reading about food, beauty, tech, or politics, you should definitely check out all of these talented journalists!

1. Jesse Sparks – Cities Editor at Eater

Fresh faces and perspectives are always necessary in the journalism world more specifically food media. Jesse Sparks brings both and more as the cities editor at Eater. His contributions are reflected in stories such as “The African/American Table” which chronicles how food and cooking throughout the African Diaspora has evolved.

Follow him on Twitter (@JesseASparks) & IG (@jesseasparks)

2. Julee Wilson – Beauty Director of Cosmopolitan 

If you’re a beauty product junkie and love reading reviews, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be keeping up with Julee Wilson! One of her most recent articles is a list of Black-owned beauty brands to support. She was also featured in the most recent issue of Ayesha Curry’s magazine Sweet July discussing motherhood during the pandemic.

Follow her on Twitter (@missjulee) & IG (@missjulee)

3. Folu Akinkoutu – Food Writer for Unsnackable

If you’re a fan of trying new foods, then join Folu Akinkoutu on her newsletter journey of tasting snacks from all over the world. From scallion-chocolate ice cream sandwiches to slime cocktails, Unsnackable explores the diversity of limited-edition snacks from across the globe. Trust me this newsletter will have you wanting to try these super unique treats!

Subscribe to her newsletter Unsnackable | Follow her on Twitter (@notfolu) & IG (@notfolu)

4. Jenna Wortham – Staff Writer for The New York Times Magazine

Black voices are a necessary perspective when it comes to culture and wellness. Jenna Wortham really focuses her writing on those two topics in addition to co-hosting the podcast Still Processing. An article that she published over 4 years ago “Black Health Matters” is still relevant now more than ever, so this really shows that her writing will always resonate and have an impact.

Follow her on Twitter (@jennydeluxe) & IG (@jennydeluxe)

5. Jared Council – Tech Journalist for the Wall Street Journal

There’s always constant breaking news and updates about the latest advancements in the tech space. You can follow Jared Council, a reporter for the WSJ Pro Artificial Intelligence team, to get the newest information about how companies are integrating AI into their corporate operations along with the various trends and issues related to that technology.

Follow him on Twitter (@JaredCouncil)

6. Ryan Walker-Hartshorn – Freelance Journalist

Ryan Walker-Hartshorn was at the forefront of the media outlets being exposed as toxic workplaces in the summer in light of the BLM protests. Now she’s not only serving as a consultant for an HBO Max comedy about the toxic culture around food media. But you also can read her most recent article published in The Infatuation about 25 of her favorite Black-owned brands.

Follow her on Twitter (@ryan_walkerHA) & IG (@ry_who)

7. Hunter Harris – Freelance Journalist and Writer for Hung Up

Black female journalists are powerhouses: there’s no question about it. Hunter Harris is included in that conversation as she’s published some really amazing pieces like the Jasmine Sullivan profile in Vulture. You can read her newsletter Hung Up for weekly essays and deep dives into pop culture, music, and movies.

Subscribe to her newsletter Hung Up | Follow her on Twitter (@hunteryharris) & IG (@hunterh)

8. Korsha Wilson – Food Writer and Host of A Hungry Society

Korsha Wilson is another great example of a Black female journalist using her skills and platform to explore the history of African-American cuisine. Her upcoming podcast called Boundless Horizon will delve into this more in depth and how Black people have shaped American food as a whole. Be sure to follow her on social media for more updates on when season one of the podcast debuts.

Follow her on Twitter (@korshawilson) & IG (@korshawilson)

9. Shaquille Brewster – Political Reporter for NBC News

Staying in the know when it comes to politics is so important nowadays. Shaquille Brewster is at the forefront of breaking news as he most recently covered the $27M settlement that the City of Minneapolis reached with George Floyd’s family. Be sure to follow him so that you don’t miss any new developments as it pertains to the political space.

Follow him on Twitter (@shaqbrewster) & IG (@shaqbrewster)

10. Edward Ongweso Jr. – Tech and Labor Reporter for Motherboard

Gig labor platforms, labor movements, and capital markets are some of the hot button topics within the tech space today. And Edward Ongweso Jr. is covering those issues and more as a reporter for Motherboard (VICE News’ technology section). He’s also the co-host of a weekly podcast called This Machine Kills which discusses technology and the political economy.

Follow him on Twitter (@bigblackjacobin)

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