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6 Key Elements of Biden’s American Rescue Plan

Last night, president-elect Joe Biden revealed his Rescue and Recovery plan to the public. Biden calls for ‘unity’ and togetherness, urging politicians and Americans to come together and “take action” to beat the Coronvarious Pandemic. As the wealth gap increases, millions of Americans are either unemployed or have been tragically affected by the pandemic.

The top 1 percent of the nation has grown 1.5 trillion dollars since the end of the last year,” says Biden highlighting the growing disparties in wage earnings and the frustrations among the “18 million Americans” who are unemployed while not forgetting the small businesses who shut their doors permanently. 

We know that the pandemic has been costly, but has also been deadly. Although vaccines are now available, the death toll continues to rise. The former plan to administer vaccines across the country was clumsy. Biden’s vaccination plan is to administer “100 million shots [by the end of his first 100 days]” in office. “We need to mobilize medical teams to get more shots to people, increase vaccine supply” and access. Biden recognizes that this stimulus relief package is ambitious, to say the least, but it can happen, “together, together, we can get this done,” Biden declares ending his speech and restoring faith in a torn America.


The 6 key elements to Biden’s Rescue and Recovery Plan

*Biden’s plan’s key elements are direct cash payments, extended unemployment insurance, rent relief,
food assistance, front-line workers, and aiding small businesses* 

Direct cash payments 

Total of $2,000 for direct relief for people who needed the most for people

who are unemployed and people who are working that have lost hours or work fewer shifts. 

Extended unemployment insurance 

Extend unemployed insurance beyond March. $400 per week supplement

so Americans can make ends meet (for basic needs). 

Rent relief

Extending the national moratorium on evictions and foreclosures until Sept. 30.

Biden is calling for $30 billion in rental assistance.

Food assistance 

Enrolling mothers and children into SNAP benefits. Invest in 3 billion dollars for

young mothers and children to have the nutrition they need

Keeping essential front-line workers on the job 

Raising the national minimum wage to $15.00 an hour.

If workers get sick they will get paid while quarantining.

Aiding small business

Implementing the comeback package for Main street businesses and entrepreneurs.

Bridge economic recovery for mom and pop landlord. 

Flexible grants to mains street businesses, minority own businesses, and women-owned businesses.


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