5 Fashion Rules you Are Allowed To Break

As a child, rules are ingrained in your head as something that keep you from going too far or keep you from getting hurt. But have you ever felt that certain rules stunt your creativity? When a child is learning how to color, for instance, the first thing parents or teachers tell them is to color inside the lines – but why should that child have to color inside the lines? Yes the lines can help with a baseline, but if you always try to stay inside them, they can be seen as restricting or boring. Then a moment comes when you decide to stop abiding by those lines. Katherine Hepburn said “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun”. Freedom can come from breaking those rules. Freedom to live, to laugh, to enjoy life. Now, I am not saying all rules are bad. I do think that some rules are necessary to keep life in check – that is why we have laws and the Bible – to help guide us, to provide a baseline, to keep us straight. However, there are definitely some areas of our lives where we don’t need to be restricted.

Breaking rules can be a scary thing to do. But when it comes to something like fashion and style, it is time to step outside of your comfort zone. Some rules of fashion you have probably heard include : “Don’t wear white after labor day” or “Don’t mix brown and black” or “Don’t mix navy and black “ or “Kitten heels are a fashion no-no”. I can go on and on and list many more fashion rules that we all have abided to at some point in our lives. Think about it though – if fashion keeps the rules, is it really fashion? Fashion does not make sense and that is precisely the fascination behind it. Two times a year, in the fall and winter, designers from New York, London, Paris, Milan, showcase exactly what it means to color outside the lines. Those designers express freedom, fun, joy. not empty, lifeless or unemotional.

So here is what I am going to do. I am giving you permission to color outside those fashion lines. It is time to break the rules. And here are 5 basic fashion rules that you are allowed to break up with in 2019.

Less is More

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off” . We all have, subconsciously followed this rule infamously stated by Coco Chanel. Usually, I am an advocate for the less is more mantra, but if this is true then that means we would have to take into account the now fashion staples of mixing prints or denim on denim outfits or mixing metals. These major game players are fresh and very now. They elevate your look from ordinary to street style ready. So add that piece of jewelry, or one more layer, or another color; push those boundaries you were so scared of before because why not? Heels are must for dressing up.

Heels Are Must for Dressing Up

Flats, Kitten Heels, Sneakers, Flatforms are all amazing alternatives to heels — and they are way more comfortable. Today’s woman is a working woman and we are always on the lookout for ways to go from day to night effectively and efficiently, and heels don’t always say effective.

Spend A Lot for Great Quality

You have probably heard of the phrase “invest in staples” and often times, this is a statement that we all agree on. There is nothing wrong for spending money on items that you know you want to have for a long period of time. However, just because it cost more doesn’t mean it is better quality. We live in a time of fast fashion retailers such as Zara or H&M where you can get that leather jacket that doesn’t cost as much as a real leather jacket, but still looks and feel like that real leather jacket and let’s be honest – who can really tell the difference?

Menswear is just for Men

Are you in a fashion rut? Do you not like wearing skirts or dresses? Dabbling in the men’s section may be just what you need to spice it up. Imagine this : a nice pair of tailored pants, a button down, blazer, and Oxfords. How would that make you feel? Powerful – like your opinion mattered. Well, it’s time to get on the “borrowed from the boys” train — the lines of men and women’s fashion are getting more blurred than ever.

Fashion Rules are Meant to be Followed

This final rule is just a reminder; reminder to not take fashion seriously. Wear whatever you would like to wear – whatever makes you feel comfortable and embodies who you are. Throw out the rules and get ready to color outside the lines.

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