4 Masterclasses Everyone Under 30 Should Watch

You’re 30 years old. It’s been 8 years since you last sat in a classroom. You’re lost in the mix of climbing the corporate ladder, depressed by the news, in a slump with your fitness goals, and craving some motivation to do something new. Eerily familiar? Yes, that sounds like many of us: looking to gain new knowledge, learn new skills and make this next decade our best one yet. But learning looks different in your 30s. It’s trial and error, youtube videos, taking chances, and it’s Masterclass. This online platform holds over 150 tutorials and lectures on topics on a variety of topics, given by the world’s best. Check out these 4 Masterclass classes!


The Power of Empathy

The power of empathy_ Masterclass

“The vehicle to self- awareness.. The foundation to any kind of connective process… It goes to the root of humanity because it allows us to feel what others are feeling… The real challenge transforming any society is the wholesale universal applicability of empathy to everybody”.

This powerful Masterclass is hosted by legendary music producer, Pharrell Williams. Together with a heavy-hitting crew of co instructors, he teaches on the importance and power of empathy. At a time, when the world is more often divided than it is alike, this is an imperative masterclass for the 30-something year old motivated to impact the world. Explore how empathy is more than a feeling but really a daily practice that should be utilized to inform who you are and what you do.  As the legendary urban sound engineer says, “this class will help you harness the power of empathy to transform all that you do and more importantly, all that you are.”


Creating Outside the Lines 

Issa Rae_Masterclass

I’m sure you’ve heard the adage that the secret to happiness and fulfillment is to find three hobbies you love. One to make you money. Another to keep you in shape. And the last, to be creative. That last one is often the most difficult because creativity can feel like something you have or don’t have. I strongly disagree! Creativity is a muscle. It’s an ability we all possess but some exercise more often than others.

In 2022, no one knows more about this space than the creative renaissance woman herself, Issa Rae. And she’s your instructor for this Masterclass! Content creator is a new term. The internet, social media, and the craving for authenticity has forged a new profession for everyday people, content creators, to use their creative selves to galvanize an audience. Issa Rae, the writer, director, producer and star of the now iconic TV show, Insecure, talks about paving your own way. She discusses finding your voice, telling stories, expanding your skillset, and giving you that imperial kick in the butt to get that project you’ve been thinking and dreaming about, off the ground. If you’re a 30-something year old looking for how to unleash your best creative selves in this booming new world, this Masterclass is for you!

Fitness and Wellness Fundamentals

Joe Holder_Masterclass

Joe Holder, the Nike master trainer and GQ fitness specialist walks us through the fundamentals of fitness, health, and wellness in this refreshing Masterclass. Fitness and wellness are buzzwords in today’s pop culture, plagued by fads, body dysmorphia and instant gratification. He takes a holistic, non-judgmental, and sober approach to looking your best, feeling your best and being your best. If you’re a 30 something year old embarking on your own self-care journey, check out this Masterclass that puts things in perspective and gives you the tools for success.


Paul Krugmen- Masterclass

We live in weird times. Politically, we couldn’t be more divided; socially, it feels like we are moving backwards. Economically, with how expensive it is to live, we may be approaching another recession. Nobel- prize winning economist, Paul Krugman helps us understand it all in this sobering, information-packed Masterclass. Krugman gives us the basic tools, as an engaging citizen, to understand the economics of our society. This Masterclass will give you the confidence and critical thinking skills to plan for your future. Maybe instead of the world having its way on you, you can have your way on the world.


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